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Default External USB Hard Drive Discussion - 12-01-2008, 04:40 AM


Starting this thread to document if anybody has similar problems OR positive experiences with external, USB Hard Drives.

I have an Iomega 33942 eGo USB 2.0 250GB Rugged Portable Hard Drive (Cherry Red). Drive comes with a cable that has a y connector to plug into a second port to gain additional power to run the drive if needed.

Drive was purchased to carry movies and back up photos when traveling.

The drive has worked perfectly on every system BUT the Mini 9. On all other systems I only needed to use 1 connection to have the drive work. Even using both connections I have time outs and read write failures in Windows XP. System was plugged into AC Power, Screen brightness turned down, No WiFi, No Bluetooth. Changing the aforementioned did not change results. I never tested on pure battery power based on all the failures. Drive would work anywhere from 4 seconds to 10 mins before getting a failure. Starting from Boot or Plugging into while system was stable didn't change result.

I cannot recommend this drive for use with the Mini 9.

SO, any recommendations for a Hard Drive that is Mini 9 Compatible.

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Default Re: External USB Hard Drive Compatability - 12-01-2008, 05:10 PM

my Rosewill enclosure works perfectly with my 80 gig Hitachi SATA drive.

It only needs 1 cable for the Mini,but the front ports on my desktop require that I use the extra power cable

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Default Re: External USB Hard Drive Discussion - 12-01-2008, 09:46 PM

I have several Western Digital Passport drives of varying capacities, and they work fine with my Mini. Comes with one USB 2.0 short cable and the drive shows up as D: under Hard Drives. I have had nothing but positive experiences with the Passports.

Edit: Adjusted title here as well Also to note: Costco usually has a WD Passport on sale, which includes a nice neoprene case.
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Default Re: External USB Hard Drive Compatability - 12-02-2008, 01:14 PM

Changing the word "compatibility" to "comparison" or "discussion" might be a more accurate title for this thread.

External USB Hard drives are USB. It's a standard adopted by the computer industry.

While many USB hard drives may be less than optimal to use for various reasons, using one with the Mini 9 doesn't change anything about the way the drives would be compatible with it per se compared to any other desktop or notebook computer.

If it's USB, it's compatible.
It might stink, or be cumbersome or slow or create too much heat, but it's compatible, if you see my point.

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Default Re: External USB Hard Drive Discussion - 12-02-2008, 02:17 PM

Thanks for the recommendation and I agree with you, change made.

I just found it odd that the drive would work with every other system but the Mini 9 I have tried, either laptop or desktop and that the USB bus power is that much different to allow the Iomega drive to function reliably.

I have a WD Passport on order so hopefully that will work out better.

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Default Re: External USB Hard Drive Discussion - 12-02-2008, 08:25 PM

I recently purchased the Western Digital 250GB Passport drive, the small portable one....

It came with two sets of cables.... one single usb cable, and then one with the Y in it to connect to a second port of more power is needed.

I have run this drive with the single usb port cable on the mini and had no problems at all. Works great.

Here is the 'Y' cable that I don't need to use....

and it also comes with a standard usb/mini usb cable like this:

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Default Re: External USB Hard Drive Discussion - 12-03-2008, 12:34 AM

In the past, I've been forced to use a Y-connector on some desktop or laptop when the drive wouldn't spin up without it. Presumably the ports I was using didn't supply enough power. But I haven't had an issue with a notebook and a USB drive using just the single connector in some time.

I was thinking about a dual-laptop drive enclosure I saw that got you past the 500GB mark, but since it required 3 USB cables to power it, I waived that one off.

Surprised you had any issues. Did you try a Y connector?

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