Dual Booting All discussion on Dual Booting 2 operating systems (or even more!) on the Dell Mini

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Default Dual Boot: Installing OSX and Win 7 on the 10v these days. Jan 2011 - 01-20-2011, 09:47 AM

Okay so I'm a bit late to the game with all this hackintoshing, though I've had my eye on these specific computers for sometime now. So I decided to get into the game. The community is pretty amazing and all the hard work has been done and packaged into a nice neat little files and instructions.

I first accidentally bought a dell mini 1010 then quickly sold it.
Waited to buy the 10v at a decent price, then bought two actually :P

I knew with some reading that I'd be able to do the install, and if it got real technical, I'd learn some new stuff.

It made me kinda of sad that the used 10v I purchased was already hackintoshed, but it wasn't a dual boot! Reason for me to erase it and start from scratch.

Goodness gracious is Meklort awesome!
I was timid at first but really it was a cinch to install OSX for the 10v because of his new combined netbookinstaller 0.8.5PRE.


So you're probably like get to the dual boot method already!

With this method I did not have to use any "diskpart" commands or activate any disks/partitions.

I had installed both OSX and Win7 on my first 10v and then couldn't for the life of me remember how I had done it when trying to do to my second 10v.

I installed Paragon 7.0.2 ! Oh yeah, that's right .
[Paragon lets you read/write NTFS formated drives] Not only does this program let me set up a dual boot easily, I would install it anyways as it is a good little program.

*I'm using two 4gb usb key drives, one with OSX and the other with WIN7.

-You'll need to install OSX first for the route I took.

-Then after you install paragon and reboot, open disk utility, and you'll be able to add/format a partition in disk utility with NTFS, as Paragon will give you that option now in the drop down menu.

-I chose "windows NT filesystem (compressed)" for the format and then rebooted into windows setup via USB drive.

-In windows setup you'll still need to format the drive again to NTFS to get the install to run. I it this is because though Disk Utility formatting had been done before, some part of the MBR has been preserved and is staying active for chameleon to see. (that's an assumption for those who actually know what's going on)

-After finishing the install your 10v will by default boot only into your windows drive and not be seen by chameleon that Meklort put in netbookinstaller. Simply boot with your OSX USB and select OSX hard drive, then open netbookinstaller again to run "OSX (Update Install)" not only to be able to update OSX care free in the future, but to again set chameleon's boot menu back for future boots without the USB.

That's it!

Some positive reinforcement if this was helpful to you would be appreciated. If this was obvious and you knew this already, throw me a "Duh".

I looked around for a solution on how to do this for sometime and couldn't find an easy way to pull it off without giving me a headache and eating up tons of time.

Now if I could figure out an easier way to get the bluetooth on/off toggle working.
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Default 02-03-2011, 10:03 AM

Firstly welcome to the forums, I myself don't post to often as I tend to thread hop learning all I can. Secondly, about dual booting OSX and Windows 7. There are many guides floating around at this time however I just did a fresh install of both OSX 10.6.0 updated to 10.6.6 and windows 7.

First let me say if you have access to a mac, (hackintosh or the nice shiny one,) get yourself a 16GB usb drive and prepare the drive for single usb drive install. My first time setting up my hackintosh i had a netbook installer and an OSX snow Leopard usb and it becomes a hassle. I keep my all in one drive in the desk incase i need it and use it for nothing else. Now on to the actually dual booting steps i use.

Once you have gotten into the OSX installer get into the disk utility app, (/utilities/disk utility.) Here set up your partition table to 2 partitions. Your first is for OSX, label as you like and set the size as you like (stock mini 10v hd i used 150 GB today,) and select Mac OS Extended (journaled.) Set the second partition as MS-DOS (FAT.)Partition the drive. Continue your OSX install. Once completed go ahead and set up your Mac install, username wifi etc. Once you hit the desktop run NBI, then shutdown the computer. swap your install usb's and turn computer back on booting into the windows 7 installer.

Now as you stated you had to format the partition of windows and you will still have to do this as Win 7 must be installed on the ntfs format. Format the partition and install windows 7. Once completed the system will reboot, and you will notice that it will boot directly to windows 7 chameleon bootloader gone oh no. Not really, Win 7 replaced set the windows partition as active thus using windows bootloader. Shutdown the computer and boot into the OSX installer again, this time open utilities/terminal and follow this guide to set your Mac partition as active.

[How to] Setting Your Partition "Active" Using Fdisk in MacOSX - InsanelyMac Forum

Reboot your system and remove the OSX install media. Now on boot up you will get a harddrive with a progress bar, if you hit space bar you get the dual boot option arrow to your windows partition and your good to go.

The nice thing about this method is that you don't need any additional software such as paragon, of course if your not into activating the partitions as you stated then that is a good route to use. Either way it gets the job done :-)

On a side note, Windows xp says it needs at least 16GB as you can see i used far less then that, as OSX is my primary OS at this point, i really only use windows for bridging the wifi to ethernet for my xbox. Which i can do with OSX also however, what a pain in the rear it is as you basically have to set up a completely different network just for the mac and the xbox to use, then share the internet connection. I have a windows server with my movies and such and i cant access the server with that method lol, so windows method it is. Thank you for your explanation of dual booting as its always nice to learn another method though.
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