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Default OS X Installed, Windows 7 installed, Chameleon cannot see both!!! HELP! - 09-29-2010, 02:16 PM

Alright here is my problem...

I installed Mac OS X 10.6.2, I had GUID table with 40GB for SL and 50GB for Windows 7 and whatever is left is for storage..


i installed mac os x, works perfect, then i installed windows 7 here is where my problem comes in..

mac os x installed
windows 7 installed..

now machine boots to windows 7.

I did the diskpart and made the chameleon active part active, then used my netbook mac cd to restart that original mac os x partition.. then reinstall lenovo s10 enabler (should be similar to netbookinstaller).... now when i go back to chameleon, it should in theory show windows 7 and mac os x, and the empty drive... (i had to turn off quiet boot)

but instead... all i see is mac os x and the empty drive... for some reason it does not see windows 7 partition..

can anyone help me?

now here is the funny part.. i go to windows 7 DVD and go to command prompt, and make the windows 7 partition active again, then the computer boots into windows 7...

soo im so close to getting this to work, can anyone please help me?
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Default 11-13-2010, 02:51 AM

Take a look at the disk using disk utility in osx. The boot loader seems to use the osx info (rather than look at the mbr like windows does). So, you need to set the drive partitions up in osx right from the start or the bootloader won't see the partitions. If the partitions shown in osx match what you have - it should work. If not, you can start over, setting up the drive in osx. Or, you can try installing easybcd as a boot manager to keep what you have. Easybcd is ugly, but it works.
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Default 11-17-2010, 03:06 AM

We had the same problem. We even had it with EasyBCD and had no luck.

Could someone recommend or provide a step by step Windows 7 installation for extreme dummies past the disk partition on SL please? I have both USB drives ready, but we tried to add Windows 7 over the weekend and can seem to only get one or the other OS to work. At first Chameleon would not appear. Then we tried EasyBCD. It did not see the Mac partition but it did see Chameleon (If I remember the hubby's description.)
I teach ed tech and would like to have a dual boot machine for class.

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Default 11-20-2010, 06:48 AM

make a diskpart live cd and go to partitions manage flags and make sure SDA1 has hidden,boot and the osx partition has hidden. no other flags should be good to go.

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Default 11-20-2010, 09:51 AM

What you have to do is boot off the snow installation by whatever method and create two partitions with disk utility making sure it is the guid type.
Then quit disk utility and the mac installer and reboot with your windows setup and install windows first.
Then reboot off the mac media and install mac to its partition, install your netbook installer and the chameleon should show both.
You are pressing a key at Chameleon to see the choices? by default you only see osx and the countdown bar, to see other choices you have to press a key but that can be changed.

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