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Default n00b question re: SL/XP - 06-02-2010, 02:19 PM

Hi y'all,

I've been really happy with my little mini 10 hackbook running OS X, it's the only OS on the netback at the moment.

I've recently started a new job, and wouldn't you know it, but in order to complete the online training modules, it requires a Windows OS...bugger. Silly BMW...

What is the easiest way for me to create a dual boot? I've read some threads, but most discuss installing Win 7...I have the XP disc that came with the dell.

Is it pretty straight forward?

Mini 10v (Black) - BIOS A06 - Mac OS X 10.6.0 - 1GB RAM - 320GB HDD (7200 rpm) - NBM via USB - NBI (ending with 51) - Legacy Off

Had a happy 10.6.6 machine and updated to 10.6.7, but no love...maybe I'll do a vanilla install...but probably not.
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Default 06-02-2010, 04:03 PM

I had great difficulty attempting this. Ended up w/ win7 instead. But what I've read several posts since that indicate it's become easier to do what you want since I tried it.

Try this one, for instance. Post #5 suggests it's a very straight forward process now with the aid of a revised Bootcamp for netbooks (link to it from that post).

Dual Boot XP and SL with SL installed first?

He suggests that you can add XP without Bootcamp. But it's practically impossible because of the GUI partitioning, and the fact that XP (without Bootcamp) likes to reside in the first partition-- which is already taken up by SL. He did achieve a dual boot using Bootcamp, though. That's what I would try if I wanted to attempt this again.

Hope it works out for you.

EDIT: Ok, so i finally got a chance to try an install with the modified Bootcamp app. But no luck. after install you still get the missing hal.dll error. (My install method was via USB flash drive using Wintoflash.)

I did manage an SL/XP dual boot using the alternate method bellow (also with Wintoflash USB prep.)
The hal.dll error message appeared, but Wintoflash has a debugger that took care of it with no further issues.. of course there's some drivers to download after that, but all's well.



BTW.. there actually is another way, but it's a bit more complicated, it's what I ended up doing with my SL, Win 7 dual boot.

What you have to do is this:

1. Use your SL install flash drive to create a disk image of your current drive (so you'll need an external drive that can hold it) * open disk utility, highlight Macintosh HD, File/New/Disk Image from "Macintosh HD." Save the image to your external USB drive.

2. Reformat your mini's harddrive (as this will delete all information on it, make sure you have a good disk image from step 1) to either NTFS, or Fat32, and install XP normally, if you have an external DVD drive this will be a normal install onto the first partition ("C:")-- also, I would make sure to leave unpartitioned space (or if you are able, create a second partition during XP install) to add SL back. You can shrink XP post install, but it'll be simpler just to start out with the empty space to begin with.
(If you don't have an external DVD drive, you can use WinToFlash, or another such utility to create a bootable XP Install USB drive).

3. use your SL install flash drive (and the second drive used to clone SL) to restore SL from the image you created in step 1 to the free space (or second partition you created during XP install).
*boot up using SL install USB drive,
*Utilities/Disk Utility
*Format the partition SL is going on (Mac OS Extended Journaled)
*File/ Images/ Scan Image for Restore... locate the image to restore, and scan. this will take a while.
*Restore tab
*Source= image
*Destination= the partition you just prepped.
*Hit Restore. THIS will take a while also.

4. 'maintenance:' since you've reformatted the drive, you have to make your SL partition active again, and re-add NBI.

the NBI part is simple. use your SL install flash, NBI is in the utilities. Run it to install Chameleon.

to make SL partition active, follow these steps: Microsoft Corporation

Ok... so if both your installs go without a hitch, and you properly make the SL partition active AND, you restore Chameleon with NBI, you will be left with a system that boots into SL. (I'm making this clarification since you qualified this post as NOOB)... at boot up, your system will show a generic apple Apple HD icon. To boot into XP, tap the enter key when you see this icon. Boot up will halt, and you will see a second icon for your XP partition.

with me so far?....
just one more thing. provided everything's working properly for you, and you are able to boot into both OSs;
in SL, because of the way you've imaged, and restored your drive, you may end up with some disk permission issues. You can use disk utility to fix that for you.

EDIT: after you've restored SL, you may find it difficult to start up in XP. Boot from your XP install flash drive. Pick GUI to continue install, this will boot you into XP. Proceed to change the active partition.


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