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Default help cant instal os x - 03-24-2010, 07:10 AM

i use the dual boot guide from "gadgetlover" OS X SL Install on Dell 10V with Existing XP. I got stuck after this steps

Performing the OS X Install on your 10V:
0. Make sure your 10V is plugged in and has a reliable power source. Don’t plug in the USB drive yet.
1. Start your netbook and go straight into BIOS. Mini 10V uses “F12” key to enter BIOS before the Dell logo disappears.
2. With the arrow keys, cycle over to the "Advanced" screen, where you'll see a list of options. USB BIOS Legacy support should be ENABLED, as should Bluetooth if you have that module installed. Also set USB Wake from Support to Disabled.
3. Now cycle over to the Boot screen. This is where you tell your 10v which drive to start from. During normal use, this will be the hard drive where your OS is installed. Since we're installing OS X from the USB boot drive, you’ll want to select "USB Storage," and move it to the top by pressing the F6 key.
4. Save all settings before you exit. After exiting it should start up normally into XP.
5. Verify that all hardware, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (if applicable), and camera are functional and turned on.
6. Copy the EASEUS program to your 10v. Unzip it if you haven’t already and install program.
7. Using EASEUS, reduce the size of the XP partition to desired size by using the slider. Specifically, you’ll click on the “C:OS(NTFS)” partition which contains XP, then move your mouse to the very right of the partition indicator, and your cursor will change to different icon. Slide the right side leftward to adjust the partition size down to your desired size. The new area freed up by reducing the XP partition will be labeled as UNALLOCATED.
8. Then select Create Partition option as a PRIMARY partition (not Logical), but leave it UNFORMATTED. The Apply and the program will do its thing and reboot back into XP and give you a confirmation message that it was successful. You’ll format this new partition with Disk Utility during the OS X installation.
9. Shut down 10v. Insert Modified Snow Leopard USB Install/Boot Drive you created in previous section and turn on computer.
10. A gray screen with your USB drive name, icon, and a progress bar should appear. Just let the progress bar run out. You should see a gray screen with an apple logo and the spinning pinwheel will spin for awhile. This may take a few minutes.
11. Once loaded, select your language and press Continue. (Press Enter on your keyboard if you can't see the Continue button.) Press Continue on the Welcome screen, then press Agree on the next screen.
12. Go to Utilities>Disk Utility from the taskbar. Using Disk Utility, name and format the partition you just created earlier with EASEUS (and where you’ll now install OS X) to Mac OS X Extended (Journaled). Specifically, click on the new partition, select the Erase tab, specify a name for the partition, change Format to “Mac OS Extended (Journaled)” and hit the Erase button. When it is finished, close Disk Utility.
13. Select your newly-formatted drive icon as the installation destination.

the problem is " To install on this disk, open disk utilities> Disk utility. and repartition this disk using "GUID Partion Table." important you will lose all data on this disk by repartition it."

i dont want to lose my xp, Repartition option only available when you choose the whole hardrive, 160gb in this case instead of just 1 partition volume that i created using the EASEUS program from the guide. I cant continue installation without changing the partition format or whatever.

please advise, thank you
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Default 03-24-2010, 07:44 PM

after canceling the instalation now i cant load my xp anymore, i need help
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