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Originally Posted by rrfranczak3 View Post
its really a 2 fold question, it really depends on what you want to do with it, in my case, surfing,email, watching movies and some VB programming is it for me, my videos play in 720p (I have the HD screen and faster processor), just fine, flash works good (must have the latest drivers)..I realize that this is a Mini and dont expect more out of it..I guess it depends on your expectations of what you want it to do....

I realized I was buying a Mini and didnt expect it to do what my other systems do, some people (not saying you) get these Minis and expect them to do EVERYTHING PERFECT...they wont....at least not yet, maybe in a few years

mine runs fine with a gig, would I want 2 gig?..of course..but like I said if a program takes longer to load than I am used to....oh well, then I should go back to my HP Dual Pentium 4 Processors with 2gb..but the Mini never has and never will do that..people just need to relax and understand that

The only stuff i'd really be doing with it is web browsing, watching videos, listening to music, playing with the odd guitar pro and word processing now and again.
That's all i currently do at the moment anyway.
The only computer i have is an advent laptop running vista with 1.5GHz core2duo and 2GB RAM. It feels a bit slow at times, and the battery is virtually non-existant, which is why i'm considering getting a mini to have as well.

The only thing i do that requires more memory/power is converting videos to go on my ipod, which usually locks up my whole system, so it'd be nice to have something else to use whilst i'm doing this.

My real question is, if i'm just surfing and watching videos and maybe IMing, am i likely to notice a significant speed/performance boost from the extra ram?
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