Dual Booting All discussion on Dual Booting 2 operating systems (or even more!) on the Dell Mini

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Default Have to boot from USB to get OSX - 12-23-2009, 10:23 AM

Have a bootable USB stick that works fine.
Partitioned and formatted ( FAT and Mac Journ, GUID) the drive and installed SL then NBI RC5. Upgraded to 10.6.2 and NBI again.
Installed XP Pro and here I don't understand whats happening. Somehow I get yet another partition size 0 Mb ( in addition to the 200 Mb EFI and the two partitions for XP and OSX) and if not deleted XP will not install in its proper location. If the 0 Mb partition is deleted XP installs but when booting it doesn't goes directly to XP. A screen with a choice of XP Pro or XP Pro appears just like it is installed twice. Only one will be bootable.

Appreciate any help with this.
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Default 12-23-2009, 04:30 PM

That is exactly what I has experienced too. I guess 0MB is on #3, XP is on #4 partition.

My solution to it, just make #3 bigger to serve as DATA drive only for all personal data, and XP drive flushable periodically from a backup.

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Default 12-24-2009, 07:54 AM

Started all over again and wiped the disk clean. As I'm new to Mac I probably didn't wipe the disk clean but just wiped the partition. After that I used this method:My XP/OSX Dual-Boot Saga, with a Happy Ending!.
And everything fell in place.
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Thumbs up 12-26-2009, 04:20 AM

I was having issues with that too. I got so frustrated that I went with installing via an external DVDRW. That worked perfectly. I had spent 5 days trying to prep USB drives on my Win systems and my G4 to no avail. Once I found a way to install it using my USB DVDRW, It took me around 3 hours to install SL, Win7, and get it so I can Dual Boot properly. It was the easiest method I've found.

My USB DVDRW is a former USB 2.0 BusLink CDRW that I opened up and stuck in an NEC ND-3550A DVDRW. The Dell 10v and MacOSX recognize it without issue.

I used the process from here: Guides | OS X | mechdrew
I only had to burn the Netbook CD to a CDR. I did run the NetbookInstaller from a USB drive, but there is a version on the Netbook CD. The instructions I followed suggested I use the USB version first, and then use the one on the CD.

To setup the dual booting, I followed the "Dual Booting for Dummies" thread by Alcapowned in this forum.

Altogether, It worked flawless.
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