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Default Dual Boot (SL&W7) - Can't see 3rd partition from Windows 7 - 11-20-2009, 05:12 AM

Hello y'all

I have a Dell Mini 10v which I am dual booting Snow Leopard and Windows 7. In my setup I created 3 partitions.

1st for Win 7 (Fat32-later converted to NTFS)

2nd for Snow Leopard (HTFS - journaled)

3rd for file Storage / intermediate host for my itunes folder (so I can use it between both operating systems) (FAT32).

This is issue is that the 3rd storage partition does not appear in Windows 7 but does in OS X.

I created my setup using this guide:
Dual Booting for Dummies - Snow Leopard with NBM 0.8.3rc2 and Windows 7

In running Diskpart I am only able to see 4 Partitions on my disk.

Partition 1 - 20k - possibly Chameleon?
Partition 2 - 200MB - Boot
Partition 3 -50GB - Windows 7
Partition 4 - 60GB - Snow Leopard

There should be a 5th Partition about 210 GB - It does appears in OS X however partitions 1 & 2 do not. My limited knowledge might indicate that it can only see 4 primary partitions at one time.

I have tried formatting the partition under Win7 disk manager, but this causes partitions 1&2, to fall apart/vanish.

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Default 11-20-2009, 07:55 AM

If the 5th partition is definitely in FAT32 then it should pop up in windows 7...
Try using a third party app to make sure windows just isn't ignoring it...
i don't know about you but my win 7 tends to be temperamental with partitions.
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Default 11-20-2009, 03:04 PM

From what I've read, if a drive has both MBR and GPT partition tables, Windows exclusively uses the traditional MBR partition table. And Intel Macs exclusively use the newer GPT partition table. So, any discrepancy will cause the OSs to see different partitions.

Hackintosh tools attempt to sync the two tables. But a simple MBR can only describe 4 partitions. You can have more partitions with a MBR partition table, but it requires sub-partitions (extended partitions). It'd be difficult to do correctly, but it should be possible to have more than 4 partitions visible to both OSs.

That said, the best option maybe to create a MBR partition table, choosing just the 4 GPT partitions you want to see in Windows. I'm not aware of any tool to automatically do this*, you may be stuck copying the partition offsets and sizes manually with a low-level MBR tool.

* For example, gptsync is a tool to create a MBR partition table based on a GPT table, but it doesn't seem to have options for controlling which partitions to sync. So, I guess it just syncs the first 4. Maybe, someone else knows of a better tool.

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Default 11-22-2009, 12:11 AM

I DEF want this tool that's gonna do the job the right way. That way I can migrate my entire iTunes library and iphone stuff over to the netbook and off the acer craptop (shivers)

- Macbook Mini (10v) - OS X 10.6.2 - 250gb HDD - 2GB Ram - Dual Boot Snow Leopard/Windows 7 Ultimate -
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