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Default 09-25-2009, 01:05 PM

Originally Posted by OmgFriday View Post
Reflex, I got a 160GB HD, I am going to follow your guide to backup it onto an external USB drive. My questions to you are,
1. Is gzip capable to handle such a big file?
2. What is the typical compression ratio I can get out of gzip?
Thanks in advance.
1. I haven't tried gzip on such a large file, but I expect it'll work. gzip won't display the compression ratio or uncompressed size correctly for such a large file (>4GiB), but the data should be fine.

2. Compression ratio depends on input. For a drive image, if the empty space is zeroed out, than the compressed image should be equal or less than the size of the used space.

For example, if you have a 160GB drive with two 80GB partitions, one with 30GB used and one with 10GB, I'd plan for the final image file to be 40GB. In practice, the image will probably be smaller, but it's best to plan for the worst.

And as a real-world example, I've imaged two Mini 9's. The Ubuntu 4GB image compressed down to 1.3G and the 8GB WinXP image compressed down to 2.2GB. The compression ratio should be better on a larger, emptier drive.

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Default 09-28-2009, 12:10 AM

Update: I did an image creation with dd. It took,
- about 5H to write the entire 160GB over to an external USB2.0 drive.
- about another 3H to gzip the image downto 5.1GB in a separate process.

It will be the way for my next backup.

Hat off to Reflex.

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