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Default My Streak is a tablet (Review-Commentary) - 05-02-2011, 12:02 AM

What an amazing device. As my first Android device, joining webOS, I am truly impressed. I was able to take advantage of the deal of the century, getting it for 99.00 unlocked with the purchase of a new desktop. It took a solid month to get it. It was well worth the wait though. I have no intention of ever using it as a phone

My first impression, as has been the impression of most is the size. I thought it would seem big but it really seems big and that's a good thing. Next is its beauty and elegance. I was never one who thought thinness in a device was all that important but in the case of this device the thinness really enhances its overall look and feel.

As a new Android user I will say I like the operating system so far. It's fast, smooth, powerful and fun. The choices available are what make this thing fascinating. Don't like the keyboard, try something else. Don't like the way the home screen looks. Try something else. Multiple home screens or folders. Root or don't root. Change to alternative versions of the operating system or not. Android offers things that no other system will ever offer. This thing a tinkerers dream.
I hope in the future Android copies some WebOSidness when it comes to multitasking. One thing I am not seeing is a clear way to know what is running or not running. The cards metaphor of webOS is so easy, I am having a bit of a time getting used to not having it.
My Palm Pre and Dell Streak have become fast friends. Using the Mobile Hotspot of the Pre to feed the internet to the Streak while on the go is working great. The Streak has also cured me of my device envy, well at least until the Streak 2.

Dell Streak shipped with Froyo 2.2.2, rooted on second day with Superoneclick. Flashed with Streakdroid 1.9 on fourth day. Settled on ADW Launcher by seventh day.

Perhaps the Streak could never have become a mainstream, for the masses device for several reasons. It is however a device that deserves the respect of the gadget nuts out there. Dell should take the phone radio out. Lower the price to about 299.00, and push the 32Gig micro sd as a upgrade for 75.00 more market it against the Ipod Touch as the greatest Micro Tablet of them all

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Red face My Streak Is A Tablet - 05-02-2011, 06:22 AM

A good read, PawDog!

Yes, more of a tablet than a phone, but both aspects well.

You should be able to see what apps. are running by merely going into Settings/Applications. There is a feature within that allows you to see what apps are running.

Just remember not all apps. cease functioning via the back or home button.

Some continue running, because the need to be ended via the Menu button.

I think every new app. you add, should be tested via the Menu button whilst running, just to make sure this isn't the way to terminate that particular app.


The PopSci app had news of a new breakthrough in memory chips, which are well suited to Android phones. The new chips work quite differently, and will enabling the handling of apps. much faster, and will increase battery life.

Look up PopSci on the Market, it is similar to the CNet app. - providing an insight into scientific and electronic breakthroughs.
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Default 05-07-2011, 03:46 PM

Thanks for the write-up. I am basically in the same boat and am close to a root/custom mod - from my research, will probably try the GingerBreak APK root 1st and then Streakdroid 1.9. Still trying to get my head around all the variables (way more options/variables than rooting my Treo Pro and TP2).

I use Bluetooth or USB to tether my laptop (Mobile Hotspot is a serious drain on my Treo), but unable so far to use for my Streak - have been researching and will continue but any info on this appreciated.

BTW, couldn't agree more about WebOS (I also wish any new device offered a Treo-style calendar) - time will tell.
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