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Thumbs up Gallery Contents Went Missing - 04-10-2011, 05:00 AM

I added a Firefox add on or plug in (whatever) to my PC, that allows you to watch a YouTube video and with a click on a button in the right corner, the application downloads the video to your nominated folder having changed the video from FLV to MP4.

There are some full episodes of an anime series called Samurai X, which I thought would look great for nearby bus passengers to watch.

I had found from other tests that no YouTube type downloader could actually save these episodes.

The Firefox one looked as though it might have. I should have checked the downloaded video for size, (just 360KB) - being just a sort of promo thing.

When downloaded to the Streak, it removed all the contents of Gallery.

I must add though, that for normal YouTube videos, the Firefox add on works well, and I replaced my videos very quickly.

And fortunately the last movie I added to the Streak, was still on the computer converted already, so just 6 minutes to replace.

I also lost a couple of photos and 10 VCD tracks. I replaced those with another 10 from another album. And yes, VCDs have DAT files, which had to be converted to MP4.

I checked the SD card contents before the replacement, and they had gone off the card.

Also had another strange experience where some site I was on downloaded something I didn't ask for or want. I received a notification, and it led to some screen with a bright yellow "download band" - perhaps.

I could not determine what was downloaded, so then ran the app. "Explorer" which showed that files for the date 090411 were rooted. And Explorer can't deal with rooted files.

I then downloaded the free app. "Super Manager" which in part, deals with rooted files. And I think I have successfully removed rooted files with yesterday's date.

It seems quite safe to remove either rooted or unrooted files with a recent date. My reasoning is, the device didn't need them before they were added, so it doesn't need them at all.

And whilst this isn't the Apps. forum, everyone should have the free file manager apps, "Explorer" and "Super Manager", or just the latter.
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Red face Gallery Contents Went Missing - 04-10-2011, 09:48 AM

I perhaps should have added that when you use a file manager, you should be careful with Parent Folders, that contain files you might want to delete by the dates they were installed.

Is the Parent Folder of the same date (If it has a date).

Click on the Parent Folder to examine what files it holds.

It may well hold files other than the date of files you want to remove. In that case you must not remove the Parent Folder.

Just touch down on the files of the date you want to remove, until the options including delete, display. Then delete.

If the Parent Folder is of the same date and only holds files of that date within it, try to delete it also.

I haven't found it easy or possible (as far as I can recall) to remove Parent Folders. And indeed, it doesn't matter that they exist, if the files you want to delete, are deleted. Often the Parent Folder is empty of contents, but remains.

Whilst I have absolutely no acquired knowledge about file management, this is what I have been doing, with no ill effects on the device.

Only go for files of the date you think something undesirable happened with your device. You may find mention of files that for whatever reason have a date of a few years ago. LEAVE THEM.

* But whilst you are examining all of your files, you may find mention of a movie you deleted from the Gallery. You can also delete any references to those movies whilst examining files with the file manager.
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