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Exclamation Super Streak Coming? - 02-16-2011, 03:48 AM

I read on another forum that Dell were working on another version of Streak which has much higher resolution, 1200 X 800? and a dual processoor operating faster than the Snapdragon processor it currently has.

The chip is from the HTC developers.

What other goodies it will have, I can't remember. Nor can I remember the name of this super Streak.

It will look the same, same size and all that, but another colour case will be introduced.

Though I like white cases, such as my Cowon, the blackness of the Streak makes the images appear to come out of the blackness very seamlessly.

In any case as the screen takes up the entire front, only the back can really be coloured and the side frame to the screen. I think the seamless merge of images on the screen would look odd if the side frame was white, red or blue?

I can imagine this new version, yet to be released will be expensive. And those on a 24 month contract for their existing Streaks will sadly probably have to payout their contracts over the contract period before they can get the new one. Or pay cash for the new one and sell the other to cut the loss.

And by the time they pay out their contract, there will be some other Dell device even better than the models before it!

The new version is not a replacement of the existing Streak, but is apparently another model in what will be a "series" of Streaks - with different names.

I am very happy with the resolution on the existing Streak, and with regard to photos, music videos, movies, everyone who sees them, is impressed.

Not sure if there is any mention of the new model on this forum, as I can't remember the name of the device. But I searched under "Dell Streak gingerbread", and it was in the list of hits.
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Default 02-16-2011, 08:47 AM

The 'opus one'. There have been rumours about it since November (although some of the rumours are probably wishful thinking).

>And by the time they pay out their contract, there will be some other Dell device even better than the models before it!

This is the way technology works. There is always going to be something better in the pipeline in 6m/1y/2y/etc etc - if not from Dell, then somebody else. Take a look at Moore's law (written in 1965!) which has proved to be accurate. Moore's law - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

are you worried about having an "orphaned" phone in the next year or so?

Opus One (Streak 2) May 2011 ?
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Default 03-19-2011, 10:49 PM

Unlocked Dell Streak for $100 with purchase of a laptop.

I don't really need/want a 5" streak, but I do need a new laptop, and this offerwas almost good enough for me to pull the trigger, just to satisfy my gadget gluttonry (is that a word).

If this was a 7" streak, It would be a done deal...

But then I started to think, maybe this is a sign of the super streak coming, and the are trying to sell off inventory.
What do you all think?
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higher resolution., new model, super streak

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