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Default second dell streak purchase - 02-14-2011, 10:56 PM

What would you do here, I purchased my dell streak directly from dell unlocked yet tied to at&t which as we all know by now, we've had many, many negative upgrade promises which still to this very day, nothing. Well my wife wanted one and when I went to the dell site, I went to their chat to ask specifically if in fact the new unlocked devices come with the 2.2 froyo upgrade, I was told straight up YES. In a bit of disbelief I said I'll get back to you. I then called dell's 1-800 number asking the same question and was told the devices are still being shipped with the 1.6 OS but once received I must log into the google marketplace and it will automatically upgrade itself. I felt if this is the case then why can't dell do this before selling them to us consumers. So would any of you trust whats been said to me??? If you honestly feel this can be trusted, then I'll make this purchase. After all I been through with this $549.00 elderly OS device and all the broken upgrade promises, I was just afraid to waste more monies. I treasure your honest opinion.
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Default 02-14-2011, 11:51 PM

>... I purchased my dell streak directly from dell unlocked yet tied to at&t ...

The original US Streaks were not advertised as being unlocked (although on the other hand, most people would not expect them to be locked if buying directly from the manufacturer).

>... if in fact the new unlocked devices come with the 2.2 froyo upgrade ...

Dell published their 2.2 froyo update for the 00 baseband devices in November if I recall correctly. So it'll either come with 2.2, or the update will be available.
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Default 02-14-2011, 11:54 PM

because they make EPROMs flashed with 1.6 well in advance and updating all of them on the assembled phone is wasting of money as it requires additional labour costs which of course they put on consumers but WHY? updating to 2.2 on a new phone is 5 min job as you don't even need to back up anything. it's so straightforward that even 5 years old can do it. I think the new batch of EPROMs should come with 2.2 but I would not be bothered if I were you. Just go and upgrade or take full refund and give up on DELL.
also - i don't quiet understand when you say

yet tied to at&t ...

So it's locked to at&t or not? if yes - just go and kick at&t to give you an upgrade if it's not still there. I got mine on my factory unlocked DELL in November in the UK

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Default 02-15-2011, 05:18 AM

I purchased an unlocked Streak in Dec. (received it Jan. 18) and it came with Android 2.2, baseband 315 installed. The site at the time I ordered stated that 2.2 would be available on first boot, but it already had 2.2 on it when I got it.
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