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Red face Some Observations - 01-29-2011, 12:14 PM

I collected my Streak from Optus in Sydney, when they finally got one in from another store. Optus is the only Telco in Australia to handle them, or their sub contracted agents on their behalf.

So, late January 2011, it came with 2.2 already installed.

It is unfortunate that I am on the end of a home LAN computer set up, with no control over the modum.

So when I connected up the device to the computer initially, the modum tried to connect on the net (some sites thing I am not connected, when I am). So, all the messages about connecting and redialling prevented the so called "Removable Disk" being set up, into which media can be dragged, or the right driver being applied.

The manual I did not realize was in the device, and I intended to look it up at work and print it there.

However, I had converted a DVD movie to the "IPad" profile (MPEG-4), and discovered that by simply clicking on the right mouse, the file could be sent to the "F Drive" (the device). And I did this before discovering or setting up "Dell Synch".

It downloaded perfectly into the device straight off and went into "Gallery". So, "Race To Witch Mountain" works just fine, as does "The Jetsons" movie, which I thought being very bright and colorful, would look very impressive in the bus.

Today, I successfully manged to install the Dell PC Suite after I opened the Dell Synch on the device. But, for whatever reason it seemed to think it was disconnected from the device.

But regardless, I wanted to download some Thai pop music I had converted from a VCD - (Dat files) to MPEG-4. And there were to tracks. These were waiting in "Any Video Converter".

Again by clicking the right side of the mouse, I sent each file (one by one) to the "F Drive", and they are in "Gallery" on the SD card.

So, I now have 2 movies, and 10 music video tracks in "Gallery".

If I had been able to set up the software in the first place, would they have gone into some "Video Suite"?

It seems also that Window Media Player 11 would happily synch the files, but as it seemed it might also add the files on my Archos 5, I decided not to use it.

So, there is more than one way to skin a cat (so to speak), and even if the files are in what seems intended for photos, - they all work perfectly.

But, whereas the Archos can play all the video files one after the other, in the "Gallery" of the Streak, it returns to the Gallery waiting for the next file to be selected.

Again, if there is a proper video suite where the files should have ended up, is there a setting to make the files play one after the other?

And I must add that initially I thought the device was faulty when the first screen opened with a lock that appeared to have locked the device. At first I thought the sim wasn't activated. Optus put me onto a "technical" person possibly in India. He couldn't solve the problem and announced the device was faulty. He said it needed to be replaced.

Then a work colleague just slid up the lock towards the top of the screen - and open sesame. Still don't know what that other thing at the top of the screen is, or does?
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Default 01-29-2011, 02:00 PM

The green slide-up unlocks the phone, the orange slide-down toggles silent mode (without having to go through the mess of unlocking, locating the function, enabling it, then locking again), for when you want to quickly put yourself in a do-not-disturb mode (entering a meeting room, theatre, church, library, whatever).
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Default Top Dog reply - Lock Icons - 01-30-2011, 12:09 AM

Thank you for that information, and for being helpful.
Sadly so many people read forum messages ( any forum) but are either too lazy to reply, or know very little about their devices.

Or, perhaps they are just not confident with their English.

I am appreciative of any information I am given, and look forward to being able to help others when I can.
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Default 01-30-2011, 08:06 AM

... but are either too lazy to reply ... know very little about their devices. ... just not confident with their English.
Well, I skimmed it, but I thought it was a series of observations rather than questions. Also, when I saw 'modum' I lost interest to some extent.

The Dell PC Suite is for versions 1.6 and 2.1. For version 2.2 you use Dell Sync instead (actually written by Nero).

On my streak, pictures and videos are found in the Gallery, and music is found via the music player.

You can install your own video players from the market, but they will all behave differently (RockPlayer is supposed to be good). Most players will let you set up a playlist (to play videos in a particular order).

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Default 01-31-2011, 06:06 AM

i add music the same way but i do a lot at once. when i open the media or music folder what ever, i dont have my streak and im jonesin, then i just drag and drop whole cd's or playlist that are mp3. i havent added a movie yet but i have a ton of videos on there.

StreakDroid FTW

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lock, lock icon, synch, synching, transfer files

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