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Default Idle Musing: Meego on Streak - 12-05-2010, 09:27 AM

Since its become clear that, as an O2 customer, I am going to be stiffed when updates are released, that is; left til last, like every other O2 customer, I started looking at alternatives to Android.

Android seems to be an OS based on Java apps, and it has always been my experience that Java is slow, unstable, and limited. Android has yet to prove me wrong in this either. So I began looking at non Java alternatives.

Two struck me as being 'doable', first Windows Phone 7. Near as I can tell, this wouldn't be too hard to port, presuming you could get a copy of the rom, and dissect it to add/remove drivers etc, as required. (Being closed means much more hassle tho)

Bada is probably doable, but near as I can tell, no-one has tried, since it is, effectively, Android with a UNIX core, not a Linux one.

MeeGo was another, geared towards mobile devices, and indeed, seems to be linux, with a GUI on top that isn't done entirely in Davik/Java. This appealed to me, could, potentially, make apps fairly easily by coding in C++, this would, I guess, make for a pretty damn fast device.

I wonder, though, how doable it would be to port required system files across, to make Meego work, 100% on a Dell Streak, and whether it would be worth doing so. I would love to say that Froyo, on the Streak would satiate my gadget lust, but with the old UI trashed, and replaced with 'Standard' looking elements from every other Android device, froyo is actually as unappealing to me as anal anthrax would be, though I would likely pick the latter over the former, due to the fact there is a cure for it.

I love how Steve has managed to make a pretty usable Froyo, in far less time than Dell, though I hear it has its issues still, minor for the most part, but issues nonetheless. So my idle musing for the day is; Is it really so hard for people to just update software, and get it right, without changing the look and feel of the original device?

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Default 12-06-2010, 10:51 AM

Good post mate. I've had lots of problems with Streak (onto fourth now) so I don't want to try Beta builds and stuff. Will have to wait until a 'proper' and fully 'working' version of Froyo has been completed.
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