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Default My Dell Stage Widget Impressions - 11-19-2010, 05:42 PM

So I've got DJSteve's 1.3 latest build on my Streak, and he;s managed to drop in the official Stage UI. After fiddling with it for a few days, here are my first impressions:

Of course this isn't 100% official Stage, but it's quite close, maybe the performance will be better on the official build (possibly worse?!)

The home screen setup is 4x4 and a stage widget takes up the whole space on a homescreen, it works both portrait and landscape (even upside down landscape!) but in landscape mode you can actually see the edges of the adjacent homescreens, so you're never truly using the whole width of the screen in landscape. It's kind of like each screen is only the middle 70% of the actual screensize. Personally I've not found this too much of a biggy, the widgets provide enough functionality that I dont want to stuff all sorts of widgets/icons across all my screen, it's the widgets themselves that waste space. Additionally the main menu is now accessed by a stock-Android-style menu icon which slides up, so all my apps are readily available anyway.

The widgets.....

They are ok, some need a few tweaks in design/UI, and better use of the space, allow me to explain: The social widgets can only account for Twitter or Facebook, so if you want both, you'll have to take up 2 homescreens. They need to be made somewhat more efficient than what they are at the minute also. For example, the top quarter is the status update box, the next 2 quarters are the scrollable status updates (only shows 2 at a time) and the entire bottom quarter of the widget is a "Facebook Settings" link which once setup, you would never actually use. So 1/4 of the widget is essentially pointless to anyone using it. Combine this with the need for a "Social" label at the bottom of the widget (each widget has large, redundant label) and there is a lot of wasted space on the confined home screens.

The "Home" widget, which I guess they intend for you to use as the middle screen basically contains 9 recent app shortcuts and a weather widget, personally I am not sure why someone would actually want to have their recent apps on their main screen, surely their most popular apps? I actually got rid of this widget, now I can fit 16 apps of my choice including widgets! Most definitely a waste of time this one.

As for the Web widget, I actually like the idea of this one. Its basically a dial pad of 6 bookmarks (with preview thumbnails) and a google search box. You can tap the "web" title to also launch the browser. I have a few comments I'd actually like Dell to take on board. You don't actually search in the Google search bar, it just launches the Google search app, so basically there's no need for it to be as big as it is! They could have fit 9 spaces on there and have one of them as a magnifying icon to launch search. Also, I'm guessing the point of the thumbnail is to make each shortcut more visually recognisable, the only problem is that the widget puts a black gradient from the top down on the thumbnail (where they display the bookmarks title) and as a result, it tends to black out the header /logo of each site - ie the mos recognisable part of page. All my bookmark shortcuts look the bloody same!

Contacts - This widget is another cool one, 12 icons (4x3) with my contacts faces on them Only complaint is that the name of the contact is along the bottom, so the bottom row of contacts' names' are covered up the massive Stage UI widget title. Damn that title!

Gallery Same as above really, a nicely displayed jigsaw of the latest images from your camera, no moans about this one.

Music Again the dialpad feature of above, 12 icons of your tracks (showing their album are if possible).

Overall, Dell have done a good job with most of the widgets, just a few UI tweaks here and there to iron the creases out. What would be good is if they could just give us a little bit more icon spacing. a 4x4 widget with a column either side would be great. Also cutting down on the brandings/title of them, we're going to see these widgets everyday, we know what screen is what!

Thankfully as they are just widgets it should be nothing other than an apk file to update them!

Email - Don't actually use this one, apologies.

Please do not send me support requests via PM.
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Default 11-19-2010, 05:56 PM

Thanks Dunhamzzz

I have resisted updating to Steve's Froyo.

I am really looking forward to the official version.

Despite a few moans about how Dell have handled this I still love my Streak. Did on 1.6 and still do on 2.1.
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