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harrihippi harrihippi is offline
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Default Dell streak-2 - 11-13-2010, 08:16 PM

Dell is advertising their new dell streak-2 which is to be a better device than their dell streak-1. How in the world can dell even think of pushing out a so called dell streak - 2 when in fact they can't even get their dell streak - 1 together. Never again will I EVER purchase another device from dell requiring an upgrade, samsung has walked all over dell when it comes to upgrading and advancement. Beside the dell streak, I purchased the samsung i9000 galaxy-S and just last week the 2.2 froyo upgrade came through for the device and eventho I've had the streak longer, all we keep getting are undated promises. I am so tired of constantly seeing that boring upper left-handed statement saying your device is up to date, even their device lies. Up to date is the 2.2 froyo not the elderly 1.6 OS. So dell needs to first concentrate on whats out there already and needs attention opposed to advertising still another questionable creature.
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Purple Zebra Purple Zebra is offline
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Default 11-13-2010, 10:25 PM

When you get the update has nothing what so ever to do with how long you have owned the device.

If Samsung got their update last week, and the streak perhaps gets it next week (it's very close now) that's a difference of 2 weeks... is that so bad?

Dell have always said Froyo would come by the end of the year. You knew that when you bought it. They look on target to meet that promise. So what's the problem?

As for the Streak 2. They aren't advertising it. It's a rumour, and even that rumour states release as May 2011... If you've not got your Froyo by then, I can see why you'd complain.
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bigrob bigrob is offline
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Default 11-14-2010, 05:47 PM

Exactly as Purple Zebra says.

Dell said they would update to 2.2 before the end of the year and they haven't as yet broken that promise.

Dell are not advertising a Streak 2.

Your argument does not stand up I'm afraid.
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regtee2 regtee2 is offline
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Default 11-14-2010, 06:47 PM

Some people are just never happy and constantly moan.

When I bought the device I knew it was 1.6 with 2.2 coming out before the end of the year, fair enough, I knew what I was buying. I also know Dell haven't mentioned upgrades to 2.3/3.0/whatever, so if the Streak doesn't get an update then I won't moan.

Before you buy any gadgetry you need to do your research. you need to know what you're buying, technology moves so quickly it'll never be up to date.
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Nezing Nezing is offline
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Default 11-14-2010, 09:09 PM

Have to agree with above.Also bought my Streak with 1.6 "on-board".Was too late for the 2.1 upgrade,long since removed.Have not bothered to Root my device and install a Rom,as Dell have constantly said that FroYo (2.2),would be available before the end of the year.Updated info has now indicated that it will happen before the end of November.If something does go wrong,like a corrupted file(s) being noticed by Dell,and 2.2 is delayed till years end,then so be it.After the 2.1 fiasco,they have to get 2.2 "right".
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arlrb arlrb is offline
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Default 11-15-2010, 03:14 PM

Ha Ha
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fredrikwe fredrikwe is offline
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Default 2.1 an excellent step, while waiting - 11-15-2010, 03:55 PM

I bought my Streak as soon as we had the confirmation from Dell re Froyo, and upgraded to 2.1 after a week - it is a much better system. I am very happy with it and will upgrade to official 2.2, provided it is not weighted down by a lot of Dell overlays.
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