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Exclamation Dell Hell and Final Victory! (Long) - 09-25-2010, 09:14 PM

You may find this hard to believe, but it took me 11 total hours of hair pulling, screaming to myself and patience to complete an order for my Dell Streak.

Here's the story. I have purchased many things from dell over the years for personal use and the office. Probably 10-20 computers over the last 3 years. So I am totally familiar with pulling my hair out over dell's website and phone order issues. My number one problem with dell support is the person you get on the phone starts the conversation by asking you for your phone number so they can call you back if disconnected. This has happened to me multiple times over the last few years. Usually it occurs after a 45 minute call to order something or to correct something. THEY NEVER CALL BACK! They also have no record of the call, hence you start over from scratch every time. During my attempt to purchase my streak, this occurred no less than 4 times.

I had decided to buy a streak over the last month of investigating phones. My contract was up this month with a local Alaska wireless company and our only national choice in Alaska is ATT. (My son leaves for college next year so I needed a National choice since I was going to make a 2 year commitment to get the phone discount)

I, of course, also wanted to pay the least amount of money possible. So I found out about Dell University on one of the Streak Forums that gives not only a 10% initial discount but an additional 10% for signing up. I also planned on getting an AMEX rewards certificate of $200 for most of the remaining balance. I checked on the Dell U site chat to make sure with a Dell Rep I could combine the Amex offer with the Dell U discount. I was assured that it was no problem. So, I ordered the non-refundable $200 Amex/Dell certificate for 20,000 points. I then went to the Dell U site to start the order process. $55 off shows up first for Dell U. No problem . I put in the extra 10% off code I got for signing up on Dell U. (Discount says (combinable with other site discounts). I get another $49 off for that discount. . Now I put in the $200 dell cert for the balance. Site says "Certificate can't be used for business purchases" After a number of chat windows I find out that Dell University is part of the Dell Business arm. It is not indicated anywhere on the website. Dell certs are not able to be used on the business site purchases. I knew this. . I never suspected Dell University site, selling to college students and high school students and teachers was under their business arm. OK, so I decide to go ahead with the purchase without the Dell Cert figuring I will use it later for something else on the Dell site.I don't want to throw out the opportunity of the $100 I'm saving on the Dell U discounts to use the Cert on the regular site. I go through the activation process by adding a line to the other phone I just bought my son. When it comes to selecting a plan, I reach another hitch. I want to add a line by making it a "family Plan". Not an option on the site. I want to make sure I can do this after getting the phone without voiding the $250 Activation discount. After speaking to someone at ATT and then being on hold with Dell for 45 min before finding out no one was going to pick up since the dept was closed, I decided to take ATT reps advice that I could combine the two lines into a family plan after I get the phone.

I go to complete the purchase. I chose 2nd day Fedex for $12 instead of $40 for next day air. I hit submit. Dell charges $40 for next day air. I should have known, this exact thing happened last week with my purchase of a 32gb sd card. Alaska and Dell Shipping through their website doesn't ever work right. It thinks we are in Canada or Europe. It always takes a phone call to get shipping right. Of course there is no way to correct shipping on the website. So now I'm stuck. Its 7 PM by now. I started at 4pm. I already got an email from dell saying the activation cert was approved. I can't go back to the website to start over because I can't re-activate again.

I start at 8 AM the next morning to try to fix this and complete my purchase. After 3 hours of phone calls and disconnects and being told I can't use the tow 10% coupons even I reach the end of my rope. I start twittering to Dell people on Twitter that I am going crazy and crying for HELP! I get a tweet back from a dell person who gives me a direct number to a Rep who can help in Texas. I spend 45 minutes on the phone with him. He is able to get to the point of accepting all three codes and has gotten to shipping. He also cant get the shipping to get right. The twitter person who says this guy is 2 isles over from her tells him to get it okay-ed by a manager. He asks me to hold. I hold for 45 minutes to Dell Music. Finally someone with a foreign accent picks up and says "Can I help you?" He knows nothing about anything and wants me to start over. This is where I scream at the top of my lungs at the ceiling. (no one else was home) I tweet in caps to the dell person about being back to square one. It is now 1 PM.

End of story. She and I tweet back and forth. She says she will see how she can help me. She determines the the 2nd 10% off coupon wont work even though it says its combinable with the site discount because the fine print on the initial 10% off on the Dell U site says it is NOT combinable with other coupons. (this even though it took the discounts when entered). So now I'm down to only getting the 10% off and having a $200 coupon I can't use. She says in a tweet. Let me see what I can do to make this work and get back to you. A half hour later she asks me if she can get me the 10% off and the $200 would that be OK. (also on the car dock along with the 25% off they are now offering on the dock). I say OK, lets do it!:yay: She calls me on the phone when she gets it together and finishes the order. In the middle she tells me, oh by the way, I am NOT using your Dell Certificate, I am just giving you that $200 off for all your troubles.:

End of story. 11 hours, Dell Streak and Car Dock ordered, net cost $59 for both.

Sorry for the length of this post but I thought some of you would enjoy it. Can't wait to get my streak. I already got my Otterbox case and the 32gb card (used 10,000 pts).
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Default 09-26-2010, 12:33 PM

Well that was a read! Glad it worked out very well in the end!

The sale reps can be a right pain when they pass you around, if it doesn't go right on the site first time round you know you van be ina for a lengthy one!

Please do not send me support requests via PM.
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