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Default 08-23-2010, 07:22 PM

Judging from ReleaseNotes - k9mail - Changes in each revision of K-9 - Project Hosting on Google Code it seems the principal is the same, for providing a visual tag/label that this is a special/favourited message of some kind.

I cannot see anything that indicates how you might use it except to just toggle it on or off and use it as a visual cue.
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Herbie Herbie is offline
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Default 08-25-2010, 11:07 PM

yes, the dell pcsuite only works with 1.6 i've bought MissingSync for Android ( and that syncs all very well. Recommended!
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Default 08-26-2010, 03:54 PM

In my opinion, and I know that this release is a beta, but I like this version :
Better performance, better keyboard, better network (now I have the HSDPA).
But, I have some stranges behaviors or a usability issues :
- My network icon shows me that I lost the network with no bar and a cross on top, but I can navigate on the Internet. I must do a reboot to have the correct network icon.
- I cannot copy any text in mail (gmail too!), the long press on screen doesn't show me a contextual menu to select/copy, the menu keys too.
- I cannot position the text cursor easily when I type an email and I want to go back and correct a word, because in mobility situation it is very difficult to have a precision between two letters with my "big" finger... I like the magnifying glass on my iPhone to do that. Android, could you copy this feature ?
- The battery life is not long... I have only one day (14h) with a normal use : web (2h) audio (2h or less) mail (3h or less) and the rest is in standby or to read the time. But, the screen is more bigger than my iPhone

Ok, my iPhone is anything but my "Dell Streak" is a good product for surfing the internet or type texts (SMS, emails, social network, IMs, ...), but, there are still some problems with the network driver and a few ergonomic issues.
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gamer4life gamer4life is offline
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Default 08-28-2010, 06:44 PM

Hopefully dell is looking at these feedback so they fix it until the next update
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Default All's good except the widgets - 09-05-2010, 01:18 PM

Upgraded using O2 official Update, went smoothly, but i did backup my sms first. Lost my playlists but not my tunes.
Only gripes:-
Because the home screen does not have as many columns I can't fit my widgets on the screen like I could in 1.6.
Also the Email widget rocked in 1.6 I need it back....somebody please suggest a replacement.
And finally when are we going to get some Streak dedicated apps....come on guys make use of the screen real estate, any specialised 2.1 Steak app sites???
Other than that didn't lose anything in upgrade
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Late3 Late3 is offline
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Default 09-05-2010, 01:21 PM

Been using the O2 release for a few days now I find the keyboard better then what other people have said about it, shame about the 4x6, loads faster, I didn't loose anything apart from my SMS but I didn't really care about them and application but I just reinstalled within 3 minutes
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Default 09-05-2010, 02:22 PM

Loving it. And just as I get updated my favourite clock widget gets an update too, so I can use animated Sense UI styled clocks, bliss. (BTW: Really, check out the Animated Clock widget from DNS project, slicker than graphite lubricant. )

Best part though, is the gallery looks slicker, yeah the music player is still crappier than a Sansa clip, but they'll probably fix it with the next update. All in all, I like pretty much all of it.
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Lord P Lord P is offline
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Default 09-05-2010, 03:54 PM

Right, had a few days to play with 2.1 now, so here's my input for what it's worth:

Live wallpaper! Totally pointless, and purely aesthetic, but it looks nice. Got a rotating 3D deathstar now
A whole load of games became available. Hero of Sparta is impressive!

Slow. Very very slow. Adding shortcuts/widgets is agonising, and the lock screen is laggy as hell. Not good enough tbh, should be smooth, especially considering the hardware.
Battery life seems to be considerably worse than before. I doubt mine would make it through a day, even with light use (trying Juice Defender at the moment to see if that helps).

Got round all the other annoyances with various apps (Ultra Keyboard is way better than the stock, and ADW gives you 8x8 icons, so no issues with wasted space). Was excited about being able to run Dolphin HD, but there is a bug with it in landscape mode, so I'm back to normal Dolphin now. So far, I've managed to replace all of the standard apps with better ones, so really it's just the overall lagginess and the crap battery life that's irritating the hell out of me
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volcanodancer volcanodancer is offline
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Default 09-05-2010, 04:09 PM

I actually thought the beta version leaked out a few weeks ago was better - it was certainly less buggy. Here are my experiences...

1. Adding shortcuts etc - the selectors for programs are incredibly jerky and slow.
2. The camera - where did self timer and front camera go? thank god for CameraZoom
3. The keyboard is dreadful. I use Smart Keyboard Pro. Well worth the money.
4. 6 icons across is pathetic on such a huge screen. I've gone over to ADW which allows 8 across and also allows for portrait and landscape use with auto rotation.

In general... a rather poor showing, Dell.
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Purple Zebra Purple Zebra is offline
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Default 09-05-2010, 04:22 PM

I seem to be one of the few people who thinks the official release is better than the beta...

On the beta when I tried to add widgets or shortcuts to the home screen, there was about a 5 second(!) delay between touching 'widget' and the widget list actually appearing. It's a lot faster now. Still not as fast as 1.6 but it's under a second, if a little jerky when scrolling.

Battery life when I first installed the beta took a nose dive, but improved after a few days. This time I've had no such problems and the battery life lasts as well, or often better than it ever has.

I had lots of crashes for the first couple of days when using the beta, which luckily went away after that. But this time no crashes at all.

With the beta I had a problem with Wi-fi, where if you left the wi-fi turned on and left the phone to enter sleep mode it would crash the phone and you'd have to remove and replace the battery to get it to turn on again (I was paranoid that during the official update process this would happen and brick my phone, so I sat there the whole time making sure the screen stayed on!). Since the official update I've not had this problem yet (touch wood!)

Multi touch is great to have, though the main thing I wanted it for was emulator games, but they are still very hard to play as it just doesn't register key presses quickly enough.

Still hate the new keyboard, but I've switched to better keyboard and like that a lot more.

In general I'm pretty pleased with the official release.
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