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Default Dell Streak UI Chat Log - 07-12-2010, 08:26 PM

Here is a nicely formatted chatlog of tonight's chat. Questions are in bold. Once again, thanks to all who joined!

Dunhamzzz: The chat is now in progress, which means you will be unable to talk in the main chat room for now. To submit a question, send Dunhamzzz a private using the command "/msg Dunhamzzz yourquestion" (without quotes).
D: Unfortunatly, Neil will be unable to answer any questions regarding future features or release dates.
Neil: Hello everyone. My name is Neil Everette, I'm the user experience manager at Dell working on mobile products. Very glad to be here today.

D: Can you confirm the next major Streak update will skip straight to Android 2.2 ?
N: I can say that the team is busy working on the next release of Streak, and while I can't give specifics of what's in the release, I can say that getting Streak current with similar Android devices is high on our list.

D: A lot of people comment on the presence of a numpad on the landscape keyboard, can we get an option to toggle it on/off?
D: Thanks for submitted all your questions, I'm getting an overwhelming reponse, I may nto be able torespond personally to all of you, but I am making notes!
N: The keyboard is something that we did a lot of user trials on. We saw opportunities in leveraging the larger space, so the number pad came up. We2019re looking for user feedback on this, on having the choice of having multiple keyboards on the device. Changing keyboards on Android is not something that is easy for the average user.

D: Thanks Neil, How many developers comprise the Streak UI Dev team?
N: Our UX team is relatively small, around 7 members with diverse backgrounds in design, engineering and usability. Prior to this job, I worked at Frog Design where our UI team was closer to 120 in Austin. So by comparison, our team is small.

D: <cz9qvh> Were there any challenges you didn't expect while designing an android UI for such a widescreen?
N: When dealing with a device of this size, the real challenge was in the landscape view. Most phone UI2019s are optimized a portrait centric view, and when you have to reflow standard content controls, it can get a little awkward looking. A case example is in the music app. Most music apps deal with music as a standard list, list of songs, list of albums, etc. We had the opportunity to implement a grid in this case.
N: This is only one example, but larger devices are challenging.
N: And i expect this to continue as Android pushing into the tablet space.

D: TY <timsmith> has the Texas Beta test had any affect on the UI teams work in improving future versions of the UI?
N: We're still collecting and processing the feedback from this, but its a good example of taking some real world feedback into the design.
N: That along with feedback from forums like this is very helpful in evolving the user interface.

D: Can we expect any more native social network widgets with future releases?
N: We're big users of social networks, by that I mean our team is dispersed in many places and using social networking tools is one way we stay connected.

D: <Warpedflash> Do you actually visit sites like modaco/mydellmini/streaksmart to collect feedback?
N: One last comment about social networking. Social networking continues to evolve is a at the core of a communcation device. I can say that we've looking closely at how people are using social networking to identify areas of opportunity for Streak.
D: The Dell Streak UI Dev Chat now in progress! You will be unable to chat in this main room while Neil answers our questions, if you wish to chat please head over to #dellstreakchat
N: We're constantly looking for feeback on Streak and other Dell products. MyDellMini is one of the sites that we've encountered that have been highly informative to Dell. Its flattering to have a following like this, and its helpful as we move the product forward.

D: <timsmith> what UI feature do you like most about the streak and which one do you think needs the most improvement?
N: Easily my most favorite feature is the screen size. I mean, wow its incredible. I can browse the web and type email quickly, its great for games...
N: But, that's not really a UI feature..
N: We've really tried to maintain the essentials of Android, so most of the UI changes are minimal, like the keyboard or the status bar.
N: I would say the Music app is my favorite feature.
N: What needs improving is the dialer. Its very functional, but we want to hit a high level of fit and finish on this one.

D: <aceofspade> how will the UI of the DellMini 7 and 10 differ from the 5?
N: If we were developing such a product, I would say that there are similarities between small screens (3"-4") and medium screens (5"-7"). One of the primary differences is the screen density (resolution). If Streak were larger, I would imagine the UI would be very consistent. But this is merely speculative.
N: When dealing with a device of this size, the real challenge was in the landscape view. Most phone UI2019s are optimized a portrait centric view, and when you have to reflow standard content controls, it can get a little awkward looking. A case example is in the music app. Most music apps deal with music as a standard list, list of songs, list of albums, etc. We had the opportunity to implement a grid in this case.

D: <aceofspade> How long has your team been working on the UI of the dell streak?
N: The team has been working on versions of Streak for the past year and a half.
D: <Warpedflash> do upcoming updates plan to changed the UI in a big way? or will we be seeing tweaks to improve on the base that is already there?
N: There will be some really great updates coming out in the future for Streak. While i can't say what these will be, we here on the design team are really excited about these changes.
D: If we wish to chat during the Dev chat, head over to #dellstreakchat
D: OK, We're running out of questions that Neil can answer confidentally
D: or is allowed to!
D: <aceofspade> Can you give us an example of a change you made to the UI as a result of community, beta, or other types of direct feedback?
N: The feedback from Streak has been incredible. The community has really helped create the type of feedback that we need to consider future features. While i can't reveal future releases of Streak, we've been monitoring the UI feedback..
N: A couple areas that I'm keen to hear more on is the keyboard. How does the MyDellMini commnity feel about the keyboard? What changes would you like to see?
N: Another is around the launcher. While we've envisioned this as being a landscape device, we've heard requests about improvements here.

D: Do you use a Dell Streak yourself? As a main phone?
D: The chat will be ending soon, this hour has flown by!
N: Great question. I use several devices...iphone, blackberry, nexus one, way too many to count. I carry my Streak everywhere.
N: I think we're redefining what the modern phone is. In the past it was about the call features.

D: You must have over-loaded pockets! Last question: <WilhelmsBrick> can you highlight an area early on in the development of the current iteration in the ui you had to drop or didn't work? why was that?
N: Now that is being surplanted by texting, social networking and such. For these, the Streak has become my number one device.
N: While i can't reveal any crucial information here, I can say that it is challenging to develop for an ever changing OS like Android. I mean, these guys are incredibly fast moving.
N: More than once we've had to reconsider a UI feature due to an announcment. We love Android though and think its the perfect platform for us.

D: Just before you go, could you tell us the best place to submit feedback for the Dell Streak UI?
N: Continue to post on sites like We're avid users and readers within the community.
D: That concludes our UI chat, thank you all for attending and I apologise if your question was not answered tonight. Thanks to all the sites who helped promote it and of a course a big thanks to Neil for taking the time to answer some of our UI questions.

Please do not send me support requests via PM.
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Default 07-13-2010, 07:08 AM

So that sounds very much like they are working on froyo..
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Default 07-13-2010, 12:35 PM

Very dissapointing that Neil was unable to answer any questions on forthcoming updates.

An absolute date of release and which version of android is surely not too much to ask.

I suppose given the dearth of official information prior to the Streak's release we shouldn't be surprised by being kept in the dark about the update.
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Default 07-13-2010, 08:41 PM

Hopefully when it gets release in the US we'll see some more information..
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