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Default 08-03-2010, 09:44 AM

I read somewhere that killers are useful for droids under 2.0 (ie the streak).
I've tried a few killers/managers and most make things worse, but I have one (memory usage plus) that I find significantly increases battery life.
The only performance issues i've noticed is the home screen takes a couple of seconds to refresh, but after that smooth as silk.
I'll let you know my ignore list (don't kill) if there's any interest.
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Default 08-03-2010, 03:03 PM

Task killers really only help when you're using badly written apps.

Yes, you might see improvements to battery life/performance/etc. when you run them, but any improvements disappear the next time you use the app, and in the mean time you might find some adverse effects from using the task killer (e.g. apps that provide updates on a timed bases may stop working because the task killer has killed the background service they use).

A better solution would be to look and see what's eating your battery and look for some settings or the developers email address to try and reduce the load.
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Default 08-03-2010, 05:30 PM

Originally Posted by jmhalder View Post

I had just read a thread about reliability and the user had mentioned using an app killer, there really is no good reason to use an app killer, when an app needs to get killed to free up memory, android will kill it, but these task managers will kill EVERYTHING by default sometimes, making things less stable, I've heard of reports where people wont recieve GTalk messages and SMS's until they reboot after killing the default listed apps... Its reasonable to use one of these task managers to kill a app acting weirdly, so you can launch it again, but otherwise there is no purpose... Cyanogen and the Android team agree:
Google and Cyanogen comments imply task killer/manager apps are pointless | andrew | Androinica

So if you are having stability issues, and are using a Task manager, try to just not use it, the streak has 512mb of ram and >400mb available to the OS, which is plenty... (my G1 has 94mb available to the OS, albeit its aweful with that amount).

If the app is truly causing a slowdown, its not coded properly, and you should probably uninstall it.
Thanks! I had problems with music stopping mid-song and found the root of the problem was my app killer, even though I'd set it to ignore the music app.
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