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Default 11-25-2010, 08:32 PM

I'm not saying I've had a problem yet, did 2gig last month and got nothing more than my normal bill. Mainly just wondering from the people who have had a warning what there actual usage was. o2 is fairly vague on fair usage.......

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Default 11-25-2010, 10:32 PM

It was a promotion unless your contract began before 24th June. It's not just Streaks that are affected, but all of O2's smartphones with the basic data bolt on (not the same as the data package which seems to have its own separate limits).

BBC News - O2 network scraps unlimited data for smartphones

O2 Forum :: View topic - Data allowance introduction clarification

It mentions if you go over the 500MB, you will/may be tapped on the shoulder for another 5 quid for each 500MB above that.

That's ok for me, I think, I'd rather have some amount of included data for a given monthly fee, only paying for occasional usage above and beyond, than having to pay the above and beyond price all the time even if I'm not using it. Not that I have much choice - I'm certain I got mine after this timeframe because it coincided with iPhone4 launch, and I bought my Streak after that.

I will have to check and compare what 3G Watchdog says my usage is, compared to my O2 bill says though, and contest it if necessary. At least then I should have a fairly easy up-to-the-minute view of whether I'm cutting it close to going over the limit (3G Watchdog has been a good app for this), and maybe if I'm out somewhere for a while where I have no wifi access, I can simply take the decision that I'm going to go over limit and pay the surcharge - or curb my usage if I'm feeling unusually thrifty.
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