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Default What made you choose a Streak over an iPhone 4? - 06-15-2010, 09:11 PM

I've been following the pre-order debacle today.

Apple ordering system crashing over here and in the USA.

Phew this phone is popular.

Anyone having second thoughts about getting their Streak?

Not me. I wanted a bigger screen.

My eldest wants one but in white which wont be available until later in the summer.

What made you get the Streak rather than the iPhone 4?
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Default 06-15-2010, 09:34 PM

For me it was needing to upgrade to a smart phone and I was really interested in Android. I know loads of people with iPhones and I'm not too keen on Apples policies of recent. I was very close to going Nexus one but it was just way too expensive to get over here in the UK.

Then all over a sudden the Streak became a reality and I was sold

Please do not send me support requests via PM.
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Default 06-15-2010, 09:53 PM

Yes I wanted to try Android after the BB Storm. I loved the Surepress on the Storm but the software was truly awful.

So far I'm loving the Streak. I would however have gone for phone with a 4.x screen if we had decent choices, but there isn't at the moment. I'm sure that will change.

I know the HD2 has a 4.x screen but I'd rather send letters than have a Winmo phone !!!

Interesting times ahead. I wonder if Apple will increase the screen size next time round. I also hate iTunes.

I'm waiting for my screen protectors to arrive in the next day or so before I take off the one that covers the screen when you buy it.

After that I need a nice but slim case for the back. I always end up dropping phones so want some decent protection.

Something with the St George Cross will do - LOL.

I also can't wait for the Streak to get Froyo. I really hope Dell don't let us down on that one.
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Default 06-15-2010, 11:07 PM

Did you see the video of engadget stabbing the streak with a pen? no damage at all.
I will be replacing my nexus one with a streak.
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Default 06-16-2010, 01:34 AM

Bigrob, it's all about the android.

Apple prevents you from running anything on your phone unless Apple gives its direct approval beforehand. And they have this habit of censoring or removing very useful apps for the wrong reasons.

This practice has earned them tons of heat lately and has opened them up to some federal investigations as well.

So heres a breakdown of what android can do that the iPhone cant....

1. Run emulators to play classic games (Nes, Gba, etc) Old school console games add a few thousand options to the library if that is your thing.
2. Multitask - The new iPhone does not run processes concurrently, just makes it to where you can swap between them faster. They aren't allowed to continue what they were doing when you change over though. The one exception here is pandora.
3. Connect a wii remote or other bluetooth device and use it as a controller for your phone.
4. Run a variety of browsers, email apps, whatever. With Apple you can only use safari or a crippled opera browser that they finally allowed into the store.
5. Replace your battery, add removable storage. The new iphone battery is rumored to drain in a hurry, its silly that they seal the battery in to where you have to return it to get it changed.
6. Use any GSM carrier (streak). You can use anyone on the GSM networks, Tmobile / At&T or the others in the EU because the phone will be sold unlocked on

There's a few others but they are minor in comparison. The big deal is the App freedom though. Anyone with a clever idea can develop an App for android and it is then up to the community to decide if its worthy, not some prude at Apple's corporate office.

That to me is the real strength of all Android phones.
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Default Apple not as good as they think they are - 06-16-2010, 06:11 AM

My decision not to go for an iPhone of any kind is simple. Apple products look pretty and may have a slight edge in useability but they are not as robust as Apple would have you believe.

I also don't like having to march to Steve Job's tune. The iPhone is, in my opinion, a restricted use device if I can't do what I want with it then I don't want to pay for it.

There is only one redeeming feature of the Apple i brand and that is the app store. I don't like the dictatorship that goes on but at least all the apps there work and won't screw up your phone. Android marketplace needs to get a lot more disciplined.
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Default 06-16-2010, 09:30 AM

Easy one that, Streak isn't made by Apple. 'Nuff said.
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Default Loving My Streak - 06-17-2010, 08:18 AM

I have had the Iphone, Iphone 3G and Iphone 3GS and have liked them all, no one can say that the iphone isn't easy to use, but the fact that Iphone has always had short comings ie, poor camera, limited uses, Apple's strong hold over what a user can do with their platform etc etc..

I was holding out for Iphone 4, but came to the conclusion that I just still wouldn't be 100% happy with it.

So I opted to look around for a complete change and step away from an Apple product.

It was only when I happened to look in CPWH to see what was on offer that i saw the Dell Streak, it looked a nice looking thing and the initial litrature looked interesting, however the staff in the store were pretty clueless as to what it could do and the specs it had, just quoting from the same litrature that I was already holding, so I came home and started my online research about the Dell Streak, After reading pre release reviews and post release reviews I made my decision and I'm glad i did.

Noting when i was shopping in town that CPWH was selling the Dell Streak for £429 and O2 had it for £399 I opted to check out online sources.

Eventually purchasing from a seller on ebay where I got a brand new unopend Dell Streak for £350 plus £7 p&p locked to O2.

I wanted to use my current sim in the phone which is a dedicated iphone 3G sim, although O2 say an iphone sim will not work in any other phone, which of coarse it will.

I currently have an O2 sim which is on "Favorite Place" meaning I get all free calls when phoning from my postcode, plus 400 minutes free per month anyway, I also pay £10 per month for O2 Unlimited Web & Wifi bolt on, this all works perfect on the Dell Streak, and I also get access to O2 Top Up Suprises with each top up.

Just as a note, O2 website states they sell the Dell Streak on both contract and PAYG, however in the O2 store, The Dell Streak is not available on PAYG, strange but true, the advisor said it will be a month or two until they offer it on PAYG.

Anyway, listen to me waffling on.

What was the question??? oh yes, I would much rather have the Dell Streak than the new Iphone 4, I feel the Streak offers me more usability, a nice screen size, an onscreen keyboard that is as easy to use as the Iphone's, many apps via Android Market, the Streak has a compass the same as Iphone, The Streak can shoot Video like the Iphone and the Streak has a 5mp camera aswell.

I will however make one point for people that arn't sure about the Dell Streak, a lot is said about the size of the Dell Streak and holding it to your ear when on a phone call, it isn't that big, you have to bare in mind that this is more a tablet than a phone, it is just a very very handy feature to have a phone in there aswell, and is exactly what I wanted, I will point out that I was walking through a local Shopping Mall only Yesterday while holding the Dell Streak to my ear on a call, and two seperate people asked me what my phone was as they were intrigued, after giving quick demos of the tablet within the Mall One of them actually went and purchased one, the device is excellent it works really well, and after using the 1.6 version of Android that is installed on the device which works well, I would hope that Dell does release an Over the Air update to the latter version to just improve the device even more, this is a great starter platform that could actually be Dell's answer to the Iphone, there is no reason as to why Dell could not fully support this device and make it the absolutly greatest device it deserves to be.

Kind Regards
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Default 06-17-2010, 08:55 AM

Nice write up Jas.
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Default o2 shop - 06-17-2010, 09:31 AM

I went in to my o2 shop last sat and asked if they had any dell streaks in and he had one in on contract. I asked if I could have it on pay and go and the answer was yes £399 + sim card with £10 credit all in £409. Ive put my iphone 3gs pay and go sim in to the streak as ive 6 months free internet left on it (you get 12 months free web when you buy a pay and go iphone from o2) and it works fine. Ive put the other sim in to my iphone and that works fine so much so I sold my iphone last night. Im sick of apples restrictions.Im very happy with the streak everybody at work thinks ive lost the plot leaving apple.I hope the streak comes into its own when it gets android 2.2 and flash 10.1
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