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Default Help!!! Newbe in serious need of assistance - 04-13-2011, 10:49 PM

Hi there!!!!!

I have had my dell streak for about a week now. Im new to android and the dell i had an iphone for 2 years but decided that i wanted a change. So i bought one.

I have to say im loving it abit harder to use but worth it.

So my problem is that after only a week i have somehow managed to use nearly 80% of my data usage. Thats nearly 350mb in less then 7 days.

I dont watch loads of videos just the same as i did on my iphone and never really used more than 100-200mb a month at the most.

I dont know if i have just not set the phone up right but this does seem a hell of alot of usage.

ANY help or advice will really be useful as this is gonna cost me a fortune.

Many thanks
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Red face Help Newbie In Serious Need Of Assistance - 04-14-2011, 09:12 AM

Stuart, I can't really help, other than to say there is really nothing much to set up, just wallpaper and ringtones.

It should work straight away after charging.

You haven't mentioned what applications you downloaded that weren't on the phone in the first place.

Some apps require that you close them down via the menu button on the right side of the screen.

Otherwise they keep running in the background. And if say, you had been streaming the Aljazeera live TV news app, and you thought you had closed it down with the "Back" button (I don't think you can), you would still be streaming from Dubai.

Also, the TubeMate YouTube downloader must be exited via the menu button. It will look as though it has closed when you press the "Back" button, but it is still active.

Seems to me that whatever phone it is, it can only use bandwidth if it has been made to run some sort of internet application.

Something must be running that you are not aware of, and some apps do require an internet connection.

Perhaps you should install one of the task killer apps, to close everything down.

Battery drainers are Wi-Fi and GPS, but many general android users blame particular apps for running their batteries down. And the more apps you have, will also have an adverse impact on the battery.
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Default 04-14-2011, 09:51 AM

i hate to say it but after upgrading to 2.2 i've seen my data uses jump and i'm running it stock with no added apps. i've called and ask at/t and they said that i needed to cut back on my data usage and i said that i only use wifi. what pissed me off is before i could turn off the 3g and just surf via wifi with no problem. now if i turn off 3g and just use wifi it still goes out the 3g.

i've even gone and turned off some of the apps and some how they keep getting turned back on. before with 1.6 i could go in and tell each app if i wanted it to go out via wifi or 3g. know it's wifi and 3g service or nothing. there is no 1 or the other.

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Default 04-14-2011, 05:38 PM

I would recommend the free version of the 3G watchdog app. It gives you a widget which shows current data usage - you can set it up to be based on a day, week, whatever, and it'll warn you if you are likely to go over your plan limit.

I can't say that I've noticed any difference in data usage between 1.6, 2.1, or 2.2 - but it mostly depends on the apps you have installed and running.

To turn off 3g on 2.2 you need to untick the 'data enabled' checkbox in the network settings (I have a widget to take me there).

The pro (paid) version of 3G watchdog has a 'by application' data usage counter, which would be great if it worked, but it gives me nothing (apparently my streak doesn't export the data by app, I don't know if anybody else has got this to work, perhaps using a different version of 2.2).

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Red face Newbie In Serious Need Of Assistance - 04-14-2011, 09:41 PM

It seems you already know that by going to "Settings" and then "Applications", you can check which apps are actually running, even though you didn't invoke them.

It would be those you would nominate for closure in one of the task managers recommended.
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