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Default SD card reported as "damaged" after reboot - 04-01-2011, 11:14 AM

I was trying to connect my Streak to a PS3 using Blueputdroid, rebooted my Streak as per some instructions and when it restarted a message in the status bar said "damaged SD card, you may have to reformat it". I put it in another Android device and it said the same thing but it works fine on my Win7 laptop (I have been able to access all the files I've tried and copied everything to my hard drive successfully).

I can't reformat it from within the Streak - it seems to try but either crashes if I do it from the error message or if I go Settings>SD card & phone storage> Format it asks me several times if I really want to format, greys out Format SD Card but then nothing is different/ nothing happens.

Anyway, I have two questions:
1. Has anyone used the internal format feature on a 16GB card to know how long it should take?

2. If the card is really screwed, what are the chances that O2/ Dell will give me another one?

Thanks for reading

PS I did google this problem before posting and haven't found anyone with a Streak with the same problem, though quite a few cases on Android phones generally - no one single answer/ solution or cause!
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Default 04-01-2011, 02:31 PM

OK before we start can we exclude Blueputdroid as the culprit?

Down to the SD card:
How old is the Streak and is this the SD card that was supplied with it?
If it's under warranty no reason why you shouldn't take it back for a replacement.

SD cards are not the robust storage medium they'd have us believe. Additionally the readers used are flaky.

First thing, take the sd card place it on a non slip surface, gold coloured contacts upward.
Take a soft pencil eraser and rub it over the contacts, blow or brush the bits of rubber off. DO NOT touch the contacts with your fingers.
( do this with sim cards and the chip on your credit/debit card if they are dirty and causing contact issues)

Cleaning the socket connectors is an entirely different problem but by your description is not likley to be the problem here. However if you have an old micro sd card you can insert and remove it a few times causing an abrasive effect on the contacts thereby cleaning them.

Now re-try the SD card in the streak.

If the problem persists then you will need to re-format, Do you have a backup of the content? if not copy it off onto your computer ( you said your computer can read the card)

The streak should be able to format the card if not use your computer

Format as FAT32, don't worry about giving it a label.

Copy data back to the card

Try it back in the streak

Working? good
Not working? time for a new card (try harder to get replacement from supplier)
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Default 04-11-2011, 02:44 PM

Thanks for the prompt reply.

I didn't think Bluedroid was anything to do with the problem as it wasn't even installed to SD, but it was what I was using at the time the problem occurred.

I've got the card working again, although I had to format it on the PC and then copy back the original contents. Lost some apps along the way, but no biggie.

No problems with it since but also no explanation why it went wrong! Must be a sign that I need to get that 32GB card at last perhaps
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