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Default GPS location jumping around insanely - 03-06-2011, 07:15 PM

I ran into GPS issues yesterday when driving in unfamiliar areas - the location was offset by between 1/4 of a mile and 1/2 a mile at times (leading to it trying to navigate from random roads as I drove past), and at other times it was jumping between the correct location and the offset location every few seconds. Basically it felt as if one of the satellites was producing the wrong data (i.e., my guess was that the almanac data on the phone for that satellite was bad).

* Turning off AGPS didn't help
* Turning GPS off then on again didn't help

... So, the question is:

* How do I purge the satellite data from the phone to force it to do a 'cold start' (i.e., work out satellite positions from scratch instead of relying on the current almanac data?). On a Garmin GPS you would do this by selecting 'new location' on the satellite search screen.

(A secondary question is - why wasn't it filtering out the satellite with the bad position data? With 4 or more satellite locks it should have had enough information to be able to realise that the almanac data was bad).

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