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Default Battery uses up so fast? - 12-17-2010, 06:46 AM

I have my Streak 100% charged and went out for lunch. Without making any call and playing with it, even without turning on the screen, the battery has used up 20% already after I return to the office . It was about 1.5 hour only. Can anyone help me?
I am using 2.1 and already installed the JuiceDefender and Advance Task Killer.
Many thanks.
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topdog topdog is offline
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Default 12-17-2010, 01:20 PM

If the screen doesn't sleep and you have wifi / 3g / gps / bluetooth / sync active, along with an inefficiently written live wallpaper, the drain can be quite fast. Choose carefully about what you actually need to have active the whole time, and just switch the others active on demand when you need them and off when not. For example, if you're not even using wifi at the time, why have it wasting your battery scanning for networks to connect to?

You mention advanced task killer, but can I assume you only use that occasionally and to kill very specific processes, it's not running the whole time and/or auto-killing anything is it?

Because of 2 reasons:

1. The free version fetches ads, which is using processor time and radio usage of its own. Whenever I fire up ATK to nuke a misbehaving app, I also use it to kill ATK itself and purge it out of the system.

2. If you're removing services automatically that actually need to be launched to perform activities, the kill/launch/kill/launch cycle is going to put more load on the CPU than likely just leaving the service to run and linger in the background.

By comparison, my phone has been running on battery for past 13 hrs (and I have just been at home, and asleep, for the majority of this). My battery is showing it having 71% capacity left because apart from reading a couple of emails I haven't used it in this time.

Wifi and sync were on for part of this time when I was awake, including 2 instant messenger apps running (Meebo and AndrOCS) until at some point my phone lost wifi signal and then reconnected again. 3g was already switched off.

Settings > About > Battery use is showing cell standby 33%, wi-fi 33%, phone idle 30%, and Display 4% during this time frame. I'd say it is is safe to say that the wifi wasn't rescanning for network much at all during this time, and had near to nothing in terms of transmit or receive of data, or else I'd expect the phone to be about dead by this point and needing a recharge.

This is my same experience pretty much as with 2.1 though I am now on 2.2, only differences being that my IMs would automatically reconnect after loss and regain of wifi signal whereas at the moment they don't (and AndrOCS being only a beta, actually force-closes instead).

Actually I'd maybe have expected a bit more of a drain than this if I was on 2.1 (down to as much as 40% remaining battery), but suspect that my wifi in 2.2 is operating a little more weakly now and could be drawing less power.

Oh, and have you 'fixed' the debug.sf.hw=1 setting in your build.prop yet...? You have to do this on 2.1 for performance reasons, doesn't seem to have any positive effect in (O2's) 2.2 though.

How to make this change on 2.1:
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Default 12-23-2010, 07:57 AM

I saw a review of 2.2 which stated that the battery life was much better than with 1.6 - around 12 hours compared to eight or so. I upgraded yesterday, and am getting a similar improvement.
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WyndStryke WyndStryke is offline
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Default 12-23-2010, 09:48 AM

For me the experience is the same as above - the Battery life seems slightly better with 2.2 than 1.6 or 2.1beta, but nothing major. Typically 16-18 hours on a busy day with 2.1 or 2.2. However this is heavily dependant on what apps are running in the background - some will run through your battery quickly.

On 2.1 (beta) I occasionally had problems with a service called something like bluetooth.sharing which would eat the battery in hours (even though I never use bluetooth). This only happened a few times. On o2 at least, there is less bloatware in 2.2 than there was in 2.1 / 1.6, so this probably helps.

Most of my recommendations are exactly the same as topdog makes.

* Uninstall power-hungry apps... (this is tricky because it isn't always clear which ones are causing the trouble).
* Turn off bluetooth
* Turn off wifi notification
* Turn off wifi if you're in an area without wifi
* Turn off gps when you're not using it
* I used to turn off 3G as well when I didn't need it, but I don't bother any more with 2.2 (doesn't seem necessary). It'd probably still be a good idea to turn it off at night if you're not charging overnight.
* Reduce SYNC frequency (I often turn it off entirely and only enable it when I know there is a new contact to pick up)
* Close apps when you're finished running them (I use Advanced task killer free, but be careful - only kill the minimum, don't kill respawning or key processes. 'Ignore' everything else). Unlike topdog's experience, I don't have any trouble with leaving ATK running myself.
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