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Default Best solution I've found to the sync problems - 01-19-2011, 08:15 PM

I have read these posts with interest.
I'm a new streak user.
When I recieved my streak it came with 2.1, everything worked the world was fine.
The the next day I had my OTA upgrade, worst thing that ever happened.
The Dell sync stopped working overnight.
I downloaded the Nero sync software only to find out like everyone else it doesn't do the job.

Dell please take note:-
The people who buy these tablets are not generally interested in the flashy bells & whistles, which you get with Nero sync.
What we want is a tablet which keeps track of your diary, (calender) & your contacts. That means we want to be able to to sync our pc calender with our tablet.
Dell & Google you have failed withis upgrade to 2.2
Right rant over, heres how I fixed it.

First of all download gsyncit
This bit of software does everything you need it to do.
It will sync your contacts, calender, email, notes, the lot.
All of this for the small sum of $19.99.
Now I know Dell should have provided something as good as this with our tablet, but they haven't & dont intend to do so.
Dell / Google, take note its not rocket science to get a good robust bit of software to do the job. This is what customer service is.
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Default Re: Non functioning Dell Synch for Streak - 04-11-2011, 11:51 AM

With respect to the last entry, why should users spend more money buying additional software. I bought this Dell Tablet to replace my Nokia Communicator as it was full of promise, apps and was going to allow me not only the normal functionality of calls and texting, but it would seamlessly stream my emails, give me a decent GPS system and an number of business functions that would save me using several pieces of hardware.

The only initial drawback that I had was that I had purchased this phone from, a subsiduary of the Carphone Warehouse as an "Unlocked" or "Unlatched" phone therefore allowing me to use any of my sim cards that I wanted to from my other phone accounts. It arrived locked!! After persuing the matter legally the fault lay with O2 who soon issued an unlatching code, happy days.

When I first got this phone (1.6) it would not synchronise properly and that was soon fixed with 2,1. However with the forced OTA upgrade from O2 to 2.2 and the Dell Suite being made redundant and replacing it with Nero has taken me back almost 10 years! It is only interested in interegating your computer system with everything other than Contacts, Calendar, tasks and To Do lists.

I took my phone back to Carphone Warehouse and the shop front staff were superb in trying to help me. However after a week struggeling with it the support service gave up, basically blaming O2 for their software upgrade and Dell for not being willing to help as O2 had delivered the software OTA.

I then approched O2 who confirmed that they would do nothing about it as they claim that Dell and Nero should have provided an update to their OTA product. Again useless!

I called Dell support on an expensive rate number, and they said that their systems were down and that they would call me back, they even said that if they couldn't help me that they would re-call the handset and replace it. Well they have had 48 hours to get back to me and they haven't. I have called them back and they claim never to have received my call until I gave them the incident number, yet again they are looking into it!!

In the midst of all of this I thought that I would try one more avenue. I also have a Blackberry Bold which does work with Outlook and I looked to see if blackberry have something. They did "Google Mobile App" which has "Google Sync"! So I used my Blackberry to upload through Google Sync all my contacts, appointments etc.

The Streak automatically received all the contacts, but none of the calendar, to-do's or tasks! I also really don't like having to use this process as it leaves users wide open as well as their information!

So at the end of the day unless you want to or are able to spend more money, or have another piece of hardware you will never get anywhere with your Streak, it is absolutely useless!!

So I will be looking for an alternative and persuing Dell legally, as they clearly make the claim that you can synchronise with a number of propreity brands Ms Outlook just being one of them.

I would also hasten to add that the Streak in question has been removed from further distribution by Dell and their partners and they have brought out a new model a Streak 7!!!

I have no doubt that this won't function properly either!

Note to Dell: Before you release anything, make sure it works, and take note, your market usres for this model of phone are likely to be serious business users and technically able users, and not multimedia driven asbo's!!!

Dell please take note of these forums and watch your clientel disappear, because you have users of your PC hardware systems who read these forums as well, and as I belong to a huge user group I will be recommending that we migrate to another provider as soon as possible as your support is not credit worthy.
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