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BiminiBoy BiminiBoy is offline
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Angry Freezing Streak - 08-24-2010, 11:52 PM

My streak has frozen twice. On each occasion it has been when I've gone back to the phone after charging. On the first occasion nothing I did worked so back to Carphone Warehouse (UK) where I got it. GeekGuy did lots of things inc. putting in a new battery and then all seemed to work again. It has now frozen 2nd time. Battery in/out. USB to computer. NOTHING. The little home, menu & Return Light come on but Nothing Works. Back to the shop in the morning. Seems like there's a problem with these phones.
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techrider62 techrider62 is offline
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Default 08-25-2010, 01:29 AM

I've had mine since thursday and has never frozen.I have lost sound but rebooting fixes that
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Leon Leon is offline
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Default 08-25-2010, 10:20 AM

Try removing and replacing the battery. Mine freezes sometimes when I disconnect it from the charger, and that fixes it. It's a design fault.
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nozl nozl is offline
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Default 08-25-2010, 02:34 PM

Mine has frozen quite a few times. Backing out of net seems to trigger it on occassions.
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wigbatt wigbatt is offline
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Default 09-29-2010, 06:40 PM

Hi there, I've had my streak for 6 days now, and so far it has frozen 4 times and lost signal 3 times today alone! This is only remedied when removing the battery and replacing it, which when you have a shop full of customers, is a bit crap! I need this for my business and loss of service is not an option. Is this a common fault? If it is then I will return it and wait until the froyo upgrade is available, hopefully this will fix the problem. Does anyone know when the android 2.2 upgrade is going to be available?

I have never lost signal at all at home or in my shop with any of my other phones/devices, I hope I have just got a one off dodgy handset, as I love the device and it is hard to think of life without it now, even after less than a week!

The loss of signal and the freezing are not connected as far as I can tell from my investigations!

Any help with this problem would be great!


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cwcltd cwcltd is offline
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Default 09-29-2010, 08:04 PM

Originally Posted by Leon View Post
Try removing and replacing the battery. Mine freezes sometimes when I disconnect it from the charger, and that fixes it. It's a design fault.
I had a couple of freezes on 1.6 which seemed to occur if the usb was disconnected during start up. Since upgrade to 2.1 (on the day itcame out) its been totally stable.
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topdog topdog is offline
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Default 09-29-2010, 09:42 PM

Disconnecting/connecting the USB in conjunction to changes in the Streak UI have caused it to crash for me. I.e. if when connecting the cable my finger is picked up on the screen as a 'long press' and it tries to pop-up the home page 'add icon/widget/etc.' menu at the same time, or it results in the screen transitioning from sleep->awake or awake->sleep mode, accidentally altering the ringer volume (another screen popup), things like that.

Otherwise if the screen is on and steady/unchanging whilst the cable is being connected or removed, I can do it all day long without a problem.

Some were also getting the problem due to slight movement allowed by the battery away from its contacts - not a problem I get - which has been resolved by a few by adding 'packers' (tiny slips of paper) around the battery to hold it a fraction tighter. Search this forum for 'packers' and you'll get a few hits on it. If your phone ever crashes when being put down / picked up, or lightly shaken, that will probably be why.
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Phaze0085 Phaze0085 is offline
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Default 10-04-2010, 09:35 AM

Hey guys. Im new to the forum. I just got my first android powered phone, the Dell Streak, after using an iphone an the a crappy Samsung impression. If you know of it I can understand how that downgrade seems crazy, but I did it to save up for my streak. Anyway, my main question, sense I'm new to all of this. For all of you who have a US Streak and are using ATT, does your Streak do the following: lag ( alot ), glitch when coming out of your txt messages, freeze ( here n there ), and well just doesnt run as smooth as you'd like it to?

This is actually my second Streak. I exchanged my first one because it was doing the same thing but, I thought it was due to the version of android it has but idk. If anyone out there could give me some answers id be much appreciated.

Thanks guys and gals.
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Default 10-04-2010, 06:19 PM

Yep, random freezing seems par for the course on mine. That said I've a friend with a Galazy S, does the same freezing thing after updates to apps, and other tasks, so maybe its an Android thing

Once again a proud Streak Owner
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Default 10-04-2010, 06:59 PM

Mine doesn't freeze up that much, it's the reboots that annoy me!

Please do not send me support requests via PM.
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