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Default 01-02-2011, 03:37 PM

This may help some ...

I have a Dell Streak that was previously working absolutely fine. I got it on eBay second hand and in immaculate condition. I equipped it with a Rebel SimCard, popped a Three SIM in and all was well.

Recently, however, it has become very temperamental to the point where it became unusable for the problems being described on this page. But no end of packing and adjusting made any difference.

Close inspection of the inside and the back cover suggested, to me, that there was something going on in respect to the two sprung cover switches located either side of the battery. These are small leaf spring contacts that short out contacts on the motherboard inside the case. I began to wonder if these were not being as effective as they were when new. They are, after all, entirely mechanical and liable to distort with repeated cover removal and fitting.

So what I have done is to VERY GENTLY lifted each spring slightly, to make it more prominent. By doing so it will ensure that the springs will bear down more heavily on the motherboard contacts and hence make a more assured contact.

Worth a try, but please be very careful that you don't rip the springs out or cause other physical damage.

If you want to see inside the Streak to see what I'm referring to the pictures in this teardown provide a handy reference Dell Streak Teardown - iFixit

Good luck with yours.
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Default Same problem here - 01-31-2011, 03:49 AM

I brought my Streak 11 December 2010 and apart from a teething problem with sms sounds (a setting was wrong) it until yesterday was brilliant never missing a beat.

Took it off charge at 5am (fully charged) when i woke to let the cat out and when I woke again at 9.30am I grabbed my phone to check the weather. (We where supposed to have tome wet weather coming in) well during that it rebooted. I tried several more times to check the weather with the same result.

So I got up and went online, thinking it may be a browser problem and did some research. Found out this is not such an uncommon problem. I tried the card in the back trick that failed, I tried a factory reset that failed, and in the course of putting icons back on my Streak's desktop it started an endless loop of rebooting till it locked up.

I decided to take it back to Optus because I am under contract with a carrier and while on the train on my way into the city I put my simcard back into the Streak and booted it back up and put it back in my bag, while on the train it started the endless rebooting till it was locked up again.

So needless to say I am going to withdrawals because I miss my Streak, I am using a friend’s Smartphone with a tiny screen and am hoping to hell that I get a replacement phone.

I have seen some places saying the problem can’t be fixed, others saying it is a chip inside can’t cope with the heat and dumps the Kernel and resets. I have also seen the ones about the card trick, even seen ones where they are talking about hacking the phone and changing (from memory) the OS or the kernel and that fixing it.

Given it is less then 2 months old and under warranty I decided to make it my carrier’s problem. I am not never going to mention the issues we have had with Dell over the service tag. Something that exclusive to Dell products.

---------- Post added at 03:49 AM ---------- Previous post was at 03:46 AM ----------

P.S. I forgot to mention it was doing this even when it was sitting on a solid surface not moving and not being touched.
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Default 03-25-2011, 08:13 AM

Same thing with mine, I suspected the rear plate pressure switch but still happens. Gonna bring to the service centre for a checkup! BTW, anyone knows how to turn "off" the music instead of just putting it on pause. Can't find it in the manual, its driving me nuts!! had to turn the phone off and on again just to stop it!
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Default 03-25-2011, 10:59 AM

I just had a chat with another Dell Streak user and he had the same problem that we are facing and he found a kinda "fix" for the problem. Seems its not an electronic component issue, its a software issue. Apparently, the apps are constantly running in the background and when too many are running at the same time, the streak "hangs". He helped me download a free app "advanced task killer". this app helps clear off all apps running in the background so the memory is more or less optimum when you are using any particular application (mine cuts off especially when I make or take calls). I also downloaded "super task killer" to see if its any better, all it did was kill "advanced task killer"! ;-) I am still playing around with it to see how it goes. BTW, this also helps me to stop the music which I mentioned before without having to switch the phone on and off! Hope this helps!
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Unhappy I'm having the same problem - 09-17-2011, 12:32 AM

My Dell Streak is just a very expensive paperweight. A couple of months after I bought the device, it began to continually crash and restart, even while it was resting on a table. I bought it used, it is out of warranty and unusable. Dell won’t replace it. I created a blog to review my experiences with the Dell Streak 5. I have logged every location I have written on and when Dell replaces my Streak, I will take update all of my posts to tell how they fixed my problem.

For more update information, checkout my blog at: dellstreak5 dot blogspot dot com
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Red face Streak Randomly Switching Off - 09-17-2011, 09:39 AM

I can't imagine how you could stuff a Streak into the pocket of a pair of jeans???

It surely is likely to be damaged. A shirt pocket - yes, providing you don't bend down to do up your shoe laces.

There was a report from someone when I joined this problem, that body heat and battery heat combined, caused similar problems.

In "settings" you can prevent the power button disconnecting the phone, - but accidental pressure on the power button is unlikely, due to it's small size and very small height above the case.

It takes a few seconds of constant pressure to turn off the power, anyway.

Your problems as others have surmised may be due to a loose battery - or bad contacts.

For those having phone hang ups, or freezes, you should use the app "Fast Reboot" - which is free.

Aljazeera HD app, always causes a freeze of videos playing, - "Fast Reboot" fixes the problem in seconds. It is an essential app.
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restart, streak, switch off random

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