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Default adhoc wifi between streak and mini 9 (ubuntu hardy) - 07-26-2010, 07:22 PM

Having a little trouble getting the Streak wifi settings to see my mini9 under the list of available wi-fi networks to connect to.

Still running the original (patched/updated) ubuntu that shipped with the mini9 and can get it to host an adhoc AP on its wifi card (either open or with a WEP key) to the point it is visible using wifi analyzer on the streak.

I gather it is (or should be) possible but the only success story I saw posted here was with Win7 instead.

It's such a tease that the streak can clearly see it as evidenced by analyzer (can see the SSID by itself, gets the right channels, frequency, can tell it's adhoc, whether it's WEP encrypted or not, the MAC address, has gorgeous signal strengths) but can't get it hooked up.

I tried adding a manual AP definition for the SSID and WEP key too but no dice there (was clutching at straws a bit really).

Anything obvious I might have overlooked?

Analyzer lists it as having the tag [IBSS] either with or without the [WEP] designation, and it's the only adhoc network in the area (which it displays in pink/red lettering next to the channel number and signal strength bars of the AP list view).

If yours works, but it's on another OS, I'd like to know how the AP presents itself in Analyzer for you in case any of this bits and bobs it's showing are different as a result of my amateurish blundering around ifconfig/iwconfig.


Edit: I meant to post it under Dell Streak Support really, sorry.

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Little more re-researching.. seems it may have been done with the adhoc networks only when rooted (guess I could add this to the wishlist thread to not require rooting):

Mad Tooey's Site - Turn your laptop wifi card into an access point to solve Android Ad hoc problem or connect multiple devices

Either that or turn the mini9's wifi card into an access point instead of adhoc, but, commands like "sudo iwconfig eth1 mode master" are failing with "Error for wireless request 'Set Mode' (8B06) : SET failed on device eth1 ; invalid argument".

This could be because the driver or hardware doesn't support being run as an AP, or it could be my ditzy knowledge and there's more to the configuration I have to do before it would accept it, but I think its the former.
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Default 07-27-2010, 06:19 PM

The latest journal update.

I tried updating the broadcom drivers on my mini9 since apparently, one such item had been downloaded and installed but not activated (had to go to System -> Administration -> Hardware Drivers to enable it).

This still doesn't support master mode unfortunately, and so the search continued to finding this:

Broadcom 43xx cards (bcm43xx.ko)
Broadcom cards support master mode using the reverse-engineered kernel driver. You need to enable (or make as a module) the Softmac wireless extensions and BCM43xx wireless driver.
So my options appear to be:

1. Attempt the above, which I honestly think is beyond my current capabilities/knowledge to carry out (sadly).

2. Chicken out and put Windows 7 on my netbook.

3. Search the loft for some old (probably pre-G) wireless AP/bridge gear and see if I can't string something together there that will work to get the 2 talking, even if it means using the wired connection of the netbook.

4. Root (superboot) the Streak, which is even less likely for me to do than #1, though it would be nice to be able to less restricted on the Streak, I'm not sure I understand a particularly good reason for denying connectivity to an adhoc point (after all, what's the point/difference if Win7 can easily make your laptop appear as an AP anyway).
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