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Thumbs up Kii Safe - Picture - Video Hider - 07-02-2011, 10:11 AM

Said to better than "Vaulty" by just about all those who reviewed the App.

Protect your private pictures. Hidden pictures will disappear from your gallery. Kii safe locks your private pictures with your PIN. Only you can see the pictures in Kii Safe.
No more worries about privacy. Hiding pictures and videos with Kii Safe gives you peace of mind. Always be able to show your public gallery to your friends, family and coworkers.
If you have troubles, please contact us at before leaving a bad review. We're quick to respond and fix any problems.
Kii Safe is better than Vaulty because:
Kii Safe allows for Free Unlimited Media Concealment with No Ads. It contains many popular features including:
* Hide Pics & Vids
* View Hidden Media
* Unhide Pictures & Vids from Safe
* Rotate Pics
* Zoom Pics
* No Ads
* Multi-select
* Full screen viewing
* Slideshow
* Disappears from 'recent apps' list
One user's feedback:
"This is brilliant! Much better than vault free! No ads! Yay!"
Unlimited Media Concealment
Unlike Vaulty, Kii Safe uses a quicker PIN pad access method that is much more convenient for mobile phone users. Unlike Vaulty Pro, we do not conceal the pictures inside of an app.
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Red face Kii Safe - Picture - Video Hider - 07-02-2011, 11:32 PM

This App. is very easy to use, and when one wants to move a photo or video, it is just a matter of a touch on the thumbnail and nominating "Share". You are then given the options on to share with what .... "Kii" is on the second lot of options available.

To view videos or images, go to the Kii App. You are then asked to enter a 6 digit numeric code, on a very large keypad. This of course is the same 6 digit code you entered when you first used the Kii App.

I wish this large keypad was the one for unlocking the Streak!

Contents are then displayed. They can be rotated and zoomed in on.

I suspect that if you delete any of the contents, and your Streak is set to automatic backups, a thumbnail may continue to reside in DCIM thumbnails, no longer attached to an image or video, and your Streak might use it as the thumbnail for whatever image or video you next download to Gallery.

But I have no evidence of that yet, as I have not deleted anything from Kii. This was a problem with Vaulty, but is an android problem rather than Vaulty's fault, I now think.

You should remove the residual thumbnail from DCIM with a file manager, if you are on automatic back ups, - as whether you have Kii or Vaulty or neither, you are likely to have thumbnail problems in Gallery, if you don't remove the residual thumbnails when you delete items from Gallery.

As a precaution in case of problems, I have taken a note of the date of installation of Kii, and will be able to remove files of that date with a file manager, if needs be.

However, before deleting anything from Kii Safe, I would be inclined to return the items back to Gallery so I could see them itemized in an expected place on the SD card.

So, for your "sensitive" photos (perhaps you are a secret Justin Bieber fan), images, videos, - Kii is a very useful application.

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Red face Kii Safe - Picture- Video Hider - 07-08-2011, 01:42 AM

This App. works really well, separating you images and videos into two sections.


But, probably only if you have a file manager app. on board as well.

An app. such as "Explorer" allows you to examine the contents of the SD card, and it of course discovers the KII Safe app.

By touching it, all the contents will be revealed, - all the images by name, and videos by name.

I must recheck the phone's own "Applications" abilities to show what is on the SD card, and also "Quickoffice" which allow one to browse the SC card contents.

OK, the "Applications" settings on the phone do not reveal "Kii Safe" as being on the card until "All" apps are selected. And then it does not have an option to open the App.

"Quickoffice" - one of the apps that came with your phone, does not disclose the existence of KII Safe.

So, if you do not have a file manager (e.g. "Explorer") installed, KII Safe seems pretty secure.

If you do have a file manager, then I suggest you get the free App. "Pinnacle Locker" to lock the KII Safe app. from opening. It requires a password. Every time you close down KII Safe, it locks it up automatically. And not only KII Safe, but any other app. you add to the list.

*** Update

Even with "Pinnacle" installed, file manager "Explorer" could still open under SD card contents. And whilst it did reveal the names of the images and videos, they would not open.

Explorer will let you change file names ....but be warned, if you do, they will not play or display in KII Safe. You can unhide them and return them to Gallery (so you think) - but they do not return. They go into limbo. I eventually found them with a file manager under their new titles and destroyed them, as they were useless.

So what are the solutions to using KII Safe with maximum security?

(A) Simply have no file manager installed on your phone, and you can use Kii Safely without worry.

Or (B) Keep your file managers andsecure both KII Safe and Explorer (or other file manager).

When you secure both, no one will be able to access the file manager, Explorer (or other), and therefore will not be able to see anything about KII Safe or video & image titles.

Numeric Security Codes - can be hard to remember.

Your "KII Safe" one, could be the reverse order of your Streak one. Your "Pinnacle" one could be the same numbers, using the middle numbers first, then going from left to right for the others.

Last edited by Australian; 07-09-2011 at 10:56 AM. Reason: Discovered security can be compomised.
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