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Thumbs up Zedge Ringtones - 06-12-2011, 06:55 AM

You all know about "Zedge Ringtones", right?

And you all know the Streak has a disappointing collection of ring tones, right?

Zedge does have an App. available on the Market, but it is difficult and frustrating to use.

If you select a ring tone to play (especially if Optus is your ISP), it is very unlikely it would ever download to play or save, as Optus 3G is around 95% of the time non existent.

It is much easier to go to Zedge's main site, via your PC .....

Download free ringtones for your mobile phone | Zedge and you will not need to join up.

At the top of the page on the left, you tell Zedge what kind of phone you have

Select what sort of ring tone category you want, or search on, say, "xylophone" or "Sci-Fi" and a large range will present.

You can get each one to play, so you can find what pleases you.

When you nominate that you want a particular ringtone, you are advised of the catalogue number (Zcode)that particular ringtone has. Write it down. And you should select the tab "direct mobile download" option.

Then on you Streak, using your browser enter the URL and a small field will display, into which you enter those numbers you wrote down. This is very fiddly, due to a "?" being right next to it, which is for help. And the select a browser screen presents a few times, just select the same browser each time.

Anyhow, press the OK and your ring tone is sent to your phone like an app. is sent. It is an MP3, and you need to go to you "Music" app. and look in Music.

Here will be your ring tone. Long touch the title, and a screen of options opens up, and one is save as "Ringtone". Touch it and the ring tone will be in your list of ring tones quicker than you can check.

I am not sure if it stays as a ring tone, if you delete it from "Music", so I have left mine there too, as I do not use the Streak as as MP3 player.

If you leave them in Music, you can play all of them and even automatically the whole lot.

There are quite a few IPhone ring tones in Zedge, and one I wanted was that eerie Sci-Fi ring tone. But the "chunky" sounding xylophone ones are my main choice and "Best ringtone 2012" is great too.

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Red face Zedge Ringtones - Q&A - 06-14-2011, 11:44 AM

Previously I pondered what would happen if one downloaded Zedge ring tones, which automatically go into "Music" as MP3 files on the Streak, but were deleted from the "Music" App. - after they had been applied as ring tones.

It seems the ring tone is actually removed not only from "Music", but out of the list of ring tones found under "Sounds/Ringtones" in "Settings".

In other words, - gone for good. Which can be a good thing.

Whilst experimenting with the Zedge App. (don't bother with it), I unknowingly downloaded a spooky ghostly ring tone of children in the spooking distance wailing "Mummy! Mummy". I disliked it immediately and deleted it from "Music" as soon as I discovered Zedge ring tones start out their existence in the Streak as an MP3 in "Music".

When I deleted it, thankfully it went back into the ether, where all good spooks should stay.

But I am very happy with the R2D2 ring tone downloaded today. Try it! You will surely like it.

Don't bother with the Zedge App. - you don't need it, as from their website on your PC is much better, and still sent directly to your Streak.

Oh, and they have videos too. I had a quick look, and they seemed like soft porn to me.
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