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Red face VocaNote - Speech To SMS or Email - 06-08-2011, 07:48 AM

Don't I find some interesting Apps?

I downloaded this one because it has a lot of favorable comments from happy users. And it's free! What more would you expect for nothing!

And when I decided to download it, the Market advised it was well suited to Dell Streaks.

One click to record a voice note, convert to text and send as an email or SMS.With only a single button-click, record a voice note, have it converted to text and sent as an email (with attached audio recording) or SMS. Great for capturing that important thought when driving, walking, etc. By converting speech to text, it avoids having to listen to audio recordings of notes later and then writing them down. Unlike other apps that send emails semi-automatically, the email is sent completely in the background - no email app to select and no Send button to push. VocaNote is a great alternative to Jott, which will no longer be offered after May 3, 2011.
Other features include:
* emails have an audio recording of the message attached
* user defined voice prompt
* optional reading of your message back to you
* message confirmation dialog, so you can edit it or cancel it. If you do nothing, the dialog is automatically dismissed after 5 seconds and the message is sent.
Although the app currently has English text for all the menus, etc., the voice recognition and speech-to-text works for a bunch of different languages. (Localization for menus, etc. in other languages is in the works.)
VocaNote uses Android's Voice Recognition service as well as Android's Text to Speech service (for prompting and reading your message back to you). The Voice Recognition requires a data connection, since the recognition is performed on Google's servers.
To improve recognition, speak slowly with space between your words.
VocaNote is ad-supported. If you like it, try VocaNotePlus which has the following additional features:
* no ads
* six additional recipients selected by voice tags
* todo list on the main screen, to which you can add items by voice
* log of all messages you have sent
* reads the weather to you
VocaNote requires the following permissions and the reasons are given below.
1. RECORD_AUDIO: to do the voice recognition
2. READ_PHONE_STATE: to put your phone number in the speeddial setup for you automatically
3. GET_ACCOUNTS: to put your gmail address in the speeddial setup for you automatically
4. INTERNET: to send the recorded audio off to Google for recognition
5. ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: for Google Analytics (troubleshooting VocaNote)
6. SEND_SMS: to send your message via SMS
7. WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: to record the log of your messages
8. GET_TASKS: for admob ads
No personal information is harvested or used in any way other than for its intended purpose (sending your email or SMS). Anonymous usage data is collected via Google Analytics to help improve the app (specifically for Localization issues).

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I have now had a little play around with this App.

No success sending from my GMail account to my Hotmail account for some reason. The android voice announced "A problem sending email!"

So, I will try from my default GMail account to another email account elsewhere to see if that works.

But it does work when sending the message to a phone number as an SMS message. I sent a test message to my other phone.

No need to enter country codes or anything as it knows what country is prefixed 04 anything.

You initially set up some preferences, such as your email address and the recipients phone number or email address.

Touch the microphone to begin speaking, and then "finish", and the android will repeat what it thought you said.

If correct you just confirm, and the message is sent. If not correct, cancel & try again.

I found it's interpretation of what I said, sometimes, as amusing.

You must speak slowly and very clearly for it to understand. And the message needs to be a short sentence. It seems to get confused if the message is long.

But you will quickly get a feel of how to speak to it, in order for it to understand. If it doesn't understand anything you said, it will tell you.

Goodness knows how it would go with Chinese?????

It is unfortunate there is no facility to direct it to your contacts. It seems you need to know the email address or phone number of the recipient.

Not a problem if you are sending to the same person, as the input stays as a default, until you change recipient.

**Don't forget to use the Menu button on your Streak to change preference, such as recipient.

After all this, I was reminded we have "VOICE DIALLER" App. on our Streaks, and that does the same thing. Oh well ........

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