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martyw martyw is offline
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Default 07-17-2010, 09:15 PM

After getting mine and downloading loads of applications (many of which I have inistalled now as I was not using them) I recomend...

Documents To Go if you want to edit word & excel files, also allows you to read PDFs and Powerpoint's (handy to rehearse presentations on the move when you don't want to get your laptop out). This is a pay application about $15.

Laputa E-book reader - Links to a reasonable selection of free books.
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samstables samstables is offline
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Default 07-18-2010, 01:25 PM

I paid $9.99 for DocsToGo yesterday and find it amazing value for money!

I've also been using Laputa on an HTC Touch Pro2 - reading on the Streak is SO much nicer! I have to say you have to have a certain taste in books to like the selection though - it does seem very female oriented in my opinion. Which is fine with me, as I'm a girl after all

Other software that I'd say is a must is:
AppBrain - when combined with an RSS feed of the latest apps, this is just such an easy way to search or browse through ALL those apps. And it's free.
Astro File manager
Advanced App Killer (used carefully!)
Evernote - I use this all the time on my pc for capturing web pages, writing notes and all sorts. The android version is a little limited but for free it's fantastic as I can access all the notes from my pc instantly wherever I am
Executive Assistant - very useful one stop shop for a quick overview of everything; email, calendar, RSS feeds, FB, etc
NetCounter is a very simple monitor for Cell/ wifi usage. Useful if you have a capped data package. I'm sure others warn if you're nearing you limit, but I like the simplicity of this one
I'm still waiting for a decent appointments/ calendar program, as others have said, it's strange that Dell have left us with such a poor one...
XiiaLive Lite- internet radio. Loads of stations available and streams very smoothly. Looks like only commercial stations but global and a great choice of searching options. Plus you can save the stations you like

For fun, I love Tricorder - it does have some actual functionality, but even without that it looks and sounds amazing! Also Gem Miner is a great game that's free. I've also spent far too long playing Alchemy recently. it's a really simple interface but surprisingly addictive and satisfying when you create a new object!
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Purple Zebra Purple Zebra is offline
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Default 07-18-2010, 09:22 PM

Foursquare - foursquare

Layer - previously mentioned

Twidroid - The best twitter client for android 1.6 that I have found, and gives better features than the stock dell app.

Movies (flixter) - Film reviews, cinema listings, dvd reviews. A great app for film fans.

IMDB - Again, a great app for film lovers. All the glory of IMDB in a well layed out app.

Skyfire - a browser that lets you watch flash videos!

MixZing - My personal favourite music player that I've found. Includes widgets too.

Spotify - music streaming service (requires subscription)

Feedsquares - quite a good google reader client for keeping up with your RSS feeds.


Open Sudoku - all the sudoku you will ever need. New puzzles added daily so you'll never run out!

Pac-Ball Lite - Pac man with a tilting maze twist. Great, but difficult!

Tetronimo - It's not tetris! Honest! (yes it is)

There are also some great looking retro emulators out there, that let you play old sega, nintendo, even atari games on your phone... at the moment they're a bit hard to use do to lack of multi-touch, but once we get the update to 2.2 you'll be in gaming heaven!

I think that'll do for now wont it?!
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fester61 fester61 is offline
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Default 07-20-2010, 07:57 AM

Laputa - after having used it a while, better than wordplayer
London Journey - invaluable for anyone travelling to, from or in London
Copilot - excellent GPS app
MSN talk - because it just does what it says unlike fring
Solitaire - for when I am soooooooo bored
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Peter Galbavy Peter Galbavy is offline
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Default 07-21-2010, 12:03 PM

I only got my Streak yesterday (after a 9 mile detour to the UKMail/Business Post depot on my bicycle )

So far, ADW.Launcher (for portrait home and more control!) and k9mail for proper imap support. I am still learning this environment, coming from Nokia ...

(I will look around, but how do I make k9mail my default mail client ?)
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kibcom kibcom is offline
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Default 07-26-2010, 01:24 PM

Google Sky
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smoker smoker is offline
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Default 07-26-2010, 02:12 PM

suprised ive not seen this listed or im going blind!

Xtralogic Remote Desktop Client

with the screen set to 800 x 600 the streak is perfect for controlling my windows 7 pc. plus if i load up talksport radio and listen to the stream, when I start the rdp app the audio is switched to output from the streak.

a word to Dell, give the Streak free with your Servers, trust me its a no brainer!
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jezster2 jezster2 is offline
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Default 07-27-2010, 10:17 AM


Here are the apps I use a great deal...

DocsToGo - you all know this one
K-9 Mail - I know the mail client built in is K9 but the full client has more features and is generally better
EZcam - Used for speed camera locating in the background
Astrid Task - manage my stuff
Audible - via the google group but lets me listen to my books
beebplayer - can't remember where I got this but an excellent way to watch BBC television
Laputa - might replace my Mybebook neo
WifiAnalyzer - Excellent for hunting out free Wifi channels
Skobbler - a free Nav app but I'm just testing it at the moment.

Many Thanks

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CptLucifer CptLucifer is offline
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Default 07-30-2010, 08:54 AM

I was looking for the Swype keyboard after hearing so much about it but it doesn't appear to be on the app store? Anyone else found it or know anything about it?
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jezster2 jezster2 is offline
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Default 07-30-2010, 11:00 AM

I have now found a new app that is very useful - 3G watchdog. It allows monitoring of data use to ensure that I don't hit the 1GB Cap that I'll face on O2 after September. Even thought I was lead to believe it was unlimited data, the bolt-on suggests it was an introduction offer.
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