Dell Mini 9 OS X Discussion Discussion for installing and setting up Mac OS X on the Dell Mini and Vostro A90

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Unhappy Can't install 10.6.3, so what am i doing wrong? - 11-09-2011, 09:11 PM

So ive tried every tutorial going to try and install Mac OS onto my Dell Mini 9, yet im still stresssing out wondering why i cant seem to get it to Install!

First try i used NetbookBootMaker 0.8.3 to install and had an Mach_Kernel error.

(i figured out then i need to boot up with NetbookBootMaker 0.8.4 RC1 to install 10.6.3)

So there i go and Used TransMac to write it to USB, thinking id be up and running in no time, nothing happens!!!

I insert USB into mini 9 and boot through USB, i get a white spinning dash icon at the top left (which would mean its readin) but then it doenst do anything from there!!!! What on earth is going on? Ive Searched high and low throughout this forum yet i cant find anything that helps me, am i doing anything wrong?

Ive been trying to install Mac onto my mini 9 now for just a week now, and quite frankly, i think ill give up soon. Ive spent quite a lot of money the last few days preparing for this and nothing sees to be going my way! So if there is anyone willing to help me ill be very thankful.


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Default 11-09-2011, 10:34 PM

i havent tried TransMac so i dont know if it copies correctly,i used disc utility in mac, but you need to find a mac or run a virtual image on your windows to make a bootable usb.
At tonymacx86 you can get the chameleon bootloader to burn to a disc or usb via windows, boot then swap with your mac disc if you have one, then you can go into disc utility and copy the image to usb, install and you should be able to install NBI 84rc1 in mac.

i first got a working virtual ware image of mac on my desktop then mounted the dmg to copy to usb since i didnt know anyone with a mac.

it is worth having mac on netbooks, its harder to use windows on a small screen, but mac is more convenient

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Default 11-10-2011, 05:39 PM

Ahh yeah thats a good idea dude! in fact i have VMware and JaS 10.4.8 image. Ill give that a try. Im hoping it works!

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Default 11-10-2011, 08:01 PM

Keep on trying, it works! My very first guide (bluntly copied )

  • Format small USB-Stick FAT32
  • Format large (›16Gb) USB-Stick FAT32
  • Prepare OSX 10.6.3 Retail-Disk to get iso-file as described here OS X 10.6.3 Retail DVD-->USB no MAC A GUIDE here
  • Download Transmac and install it on windows-machine (you already did)
  • Download NBI 0.8.4
  • Use transmac to copy NBI to small Stick and OSX to large stick (right-click on USB stick symbol, Format disk/format with image)
  • Now, boot Dell mini,
    • press 2 at boot prompt, change boot order to usb first
    • enable usb legacy support
    • safe and exit
  • Turn off Dell
  • Put both sticks in USB-Port, boot.
  • If you are successfull, thr grey bootloader screen appears and from then on it is simple,
  • If you fail - which is normal in 90% of the bootings - turn off, let the USB-Sticks in place, reboot.
  • Repeat this until you succeed. Just bluntly reboot until it works. If you want to help the miraculous process, you may change theUSB ports if Dell turned off. Starting with just changing the one, trying, changing the other, retrying ...and so on... It probably doesn't help, but makes you feel less passive
Finally all of a sudden it may work.

This strange behaviour is laid out in the guide I cited, it is "normal". I needed ≈ 5 tries for one success.
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Default 11-10-2011, 08:18 PM

MY LORD I FEEL LIKE SUCH A FRUNCKING IDIOT!! SERIOUSLY, auflauf you top man i was definitely doing it all wrong!!! Nice one Dude, hopefully, install this god damn OS Soon!!

The reason why i wasnt able to boot to install was because i hadnt had both usb sticks in at the same time! Whooops! (n00b error!) : ) My bad!!

Cheers guys!!
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