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Default 11-28-2011, 02:37 PM

Hi!I've followed the guide on the first partition of an external drive (for testing) until step 8) Press shift key to get to the Chameleon prompt and type "recovery=yes" but no way to boot in safe mode, then!!!
I've tried to hold shift as in normal macs then tried to type -x after or before "recovery=yes", then together with it "recovery=yes -x"... In a case I've got a permanent reboot just after the grey apple, in the other one, I see the desktop image and cursor alternating with SBBOD, for hours... :-(
I've got a working 10.5.7 on the internal drive and typing -x brings indeed to safe mode.
I've got a working 10.6.7 as second partition of my external drive and -x brings to the login window (where it's written in red "safe boot") but my keybords, trackpad and external mouse don't work...
So what's the problem? Is it because I'm on the external drive?
Thanks for an answer. And thanks to everybody participating in this great adventure! ;-D
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Default 11-30-2011, 12:20 PM

OK, I did all the steps but now I can only boot in safe mode if I trie to boot normal I get an apple with a little do not enter sign, any advise on how to resolve this?

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Default 12-07-2011, 03:21 AM

Can someone help me fix my sound? I have tried the original sound fix, but every time i run updateextra the system hangs after reboot (Grey apple screen with loading progress icon) and i need to boot into safe mode and rerun NBI. I did run NBI 0.8.5 when i moved to 10.6.7, but now i am back to ...351. Thanks in advance

Nevermind - I got it. I just ran NBI ...351 and unchecked regenerate DSDT.aml

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Default 12-25-2011, 08:19 PM

Ok: after one month with a fully working 10.6.7 (except for the mic, but I don't use it) — by the way 10.6.8 sleep fix works on 10.6.7 as well ;-), I've tried again (still on my external disk, though it's probably an issue...).
Here's the final process I took, based on what was written here:

1) directly installed 10.6.8 Combo Updater (I had used Netbook...2351 for my former working 10.6.7, so it was not needed again); Repairing Disk Permissions is not indispensable but do it if you've got an old system

2) reboot ok; NBI did its job; I had not exactly a reboot "loop" because I was on the external disk, but kind of (it rebooted on the internal one)

3) still no way to boot in safe mode on the external disk, but succeeded doing code tricks from internal disk (caution: use the full paths for file names in this case! I had to do it from root user so sudo was not needed either)

4) this time sound output is ok, no mic (I had tried it yesterday but the interface wasn't even detected... so it looks that it's not always working, who knows why)

=> I leave it this way for now...

N.B.: in my former unsuccessful trial I had tried to install legacy_kernel-10.8.0.v2.pkg which is included in the 10.6.8 Kit but it just screwed everything and I couldn't correct things back. It doesn't seem to be needed (or I don't get everything, which is possible ;-D)

N.B.2: while the thing was screwed, I tried VoodooHDA to fix audio and it worked (even for the mic!), but with a huge hiss on both audio in and out... (the system was working ok, but I had an error message at startup — something about 64bit unsupported — I preferred doing the whole thing from scratch to be sure.

N.B.3: try to backup your working system everytime you're trying something, it's a lot faster to recover from a disk image than reinstall everything! ;-)

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Default 01-01-2012, 07:47 PM

I had problems repeating the same procedure on my internal drive: something was screwed that I never could fix, so I've renounced and decided to stay with my working 10.6.7, may be I'll retry some day...
But the most important thing I've discovered is that you have to be PATIENT when doing any of those patching and NBI things: sometimes you may think it's not doing anything more but won't restart and then you force shut-down... BIG MISTAKE! Except if it's an obvious Kernel Panic or typical crash at startup, if you wait for a few minutes, the event that was supposed to happen ends up doing so. (be it restart, or even entering the SAFE MODE — while at first sight you'd say "no keyboard, no mouse clicking, I'm stuck!)
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Default 01-29-2012, 11:14 PM

Update from 10.6.7:
1.- Download the ComboUpdate10.6.8 and when finish, NOT reboot.
2.- Download and install, after that reboot.
3.- Long reboot, and finally all works, if BEFORE worked, for example Sound and Mic, (look this: ). For the bluetooth always on fix, read 3 post of Bluetooth Terminal Mod working for 10.6.5.

4.- For SleepEnabler.kext use KextHelperb7 and get the kext from:

All works OK.
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Default 01-31-2012, 07:28 PM

How long does it take to reboot. My wheel has been spinning for 10 minutes now?

UPDATE: I waited 20 mins, pinwheel is still spinning. I decided to shut the machine down and try rebooting utilizing the thumb drive. That worked but really doesn't help me. I took the boot drive out restarted and wheel is still spinning. I am going to try reloading from scratch and see if this new procedure works.

I tried the initial procedure too. I followed all of the procedures but kept getting a constant reboot. This is what I did for that procedure.

I can type recovery=y and that logs me into 10.6.8 but now what.

I opened a terminal window and typed
sudo mv /legacy_kernel-10.6.8 /mach_kernel

I hit enter and it asked for my password and I entered it.

Next I typed
sudo chown root:wheel /mach_kernel

I hit enter, no password required.

I closed the terminal window, restarted my machine and I still have a constant reboot. What am I doing wrong? Is this how you update the kernel?

UPDATE: I reloaded the machine from scratch to 10.6 then followed the instructions above. Loaded NETBOOKINSTALLER special then restarted. Loaded 10.6.8 updcombo but didn't restart. Loaded the legacy kernel 10.8.0.v2.pkg then restarted. The machine booted into 10.6.8 but no Sound. I loaded ALC268.kext and it didn't work. I also loaded appleHDA.kext and that didn't work either. 10.6.8 is a pain in the rear end. 10.6.7 is perfect!!! Time to say goodbye to 10.6.8.

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Default 03-25-2012, 06:01 PM

Hmmm, is there really no easier way to bring 10.6.8 to work on the Dell Mini 9? I'm quite happy with 10.6.7 but 10.6.8 is the end of the line and there are some App Store related features, right?

Dell Mini 9 | 2 GB RAM | 16 GB SSD | OSX 10.6.8 | NBI 2351+Legacy Kernel+SleepEnabler
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Default 03-31-2012, 02:00 PM

The app store works with 10.6.7. I saw no reason to go to 10.6.8 given the headaches.

Mini 9|2GB RAM|64GB RunCore|Intel 5300|Windows 10
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Default 04-11-2012, 08:52 PM

Originally Posted by holmes4 View Post
The app store works with 10.6.7. I saw no reason to go to 10.6.8 given the headaches.
I was inclined to agree with you. But the new Java for 10.6 update 7 security patch won't install on 10.6.7.
It's highly possible that security patch would work if you edit the .pkg so that it's validation check works against 10.6.7... and assuming that nothing else has changed between 10.6.7 and 10.6.8.

I'll be updating my mini 9 to 10.6.8 once I complete a backup.

Upgraded from 10.6.7 to combo update via dchao's method.
kexthelper would not close after installing sleep helper.kext so I forced close and rebooted.
I had to boot into safemode (recovery=yes) for 1st boot after sleephelper install

All subsequent boots are fine. Sleep working.

Successfully used software update to get latest security patches. System now fully up to date

Thanks to everyone for the posted info.

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