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Default help! macuser converting to os x, but cant figure out this mini - 05-17-2011, 12:11 AM

Ok so i've tried to read as many forum posts as i can to educate myself, beofre writing this, but i think i need some help! i use a mac, and have come to understand its brain well, but my new (2nd hand) del mini has me in a puddle of cyber confusion.
1. so as i said, im a mac user, and want to convert to to os x. think i get how to do this, i just have to buy the official snowleopard install disk, which is the same s the "upgrade" disk for $30, and give it a go? And to do it, i need a mac, and a 16gb usb, and i dont need an external dvd for the dell mini..right?? or do i? can i download snow leopard upgrade legally from the internet?? i dont have an external dvd drive, and i otherwise dont need one, so dont want to buy one. I will attempt this os x installtaion using a USB, so maybe its easier just to download the SL upgrade legally? if possible?
2. i had the new mini plugged into the internet for about 40 mins when i first got it, using internet explorer, then a peculiar thing happened, explorer just froze and would not function, the window got all mixed up within it and was totally f*ed. All other program seemd to work so i just shut the computer down. since i just got it, i have not installed virus software yet, and, being a mac user, forgot i even needed to. Do you think my mini del 9 now has a virus? How the hell do i get rid of a virus now? Will a virus interfer with installing the os x?
sorry if these questions are DUMB, but i figure you guys will know and then can teach me!
3. And, also, what is a "ssd", my mini came with 16GB memory and 2GB RAM. is this enough to install os x snow leapard, plus continued upgrades? Do i need to do anything else to my mini before i attempt to install os x?

Ok i'l start here and ask more questions as things progress!

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Default 05-17-2011, 03:25 AM

1. You will need to buy a copy of Snow Leopard either at a brick and mortar store like Best Buy, or order it online from Apple, Amazon, etc. There is no legal source to download it that I am aware of.

An 8 gig SansDisk will hold the contents of the DVD, other brands are a crap shoot. Some are labeled as 8 gigs, but after formatting and partitioning they aren't really 8 gigs.

2. You will be formatting and partitioning the drive (or should be, IMO) to a GUID partition table, everything should be overwritten, and even if it isn't, I don't know of a Windows virus that will cause a problem on a Mac, so far.

If you are really worried about it, you can download a free version of ZoneAlarm and run that on your Windows install to be sure. I really wouldn't bother though.

3. SSD=Solid State Drive, basically it is a replacement for the hard drive using solid state memory. No moving parts, less battery drain in theory. 16 gigs is plenty of room for SL and all the updates.

You will need to use NetBookMaker to make your USB thumb drive bootable and to complete your Hackintosh. If you haven't already, check out this guide-
GUIDE: Installing OS X on your MINI with a mac (revisited)

Best of luck with your mini.

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