Dell Mini 9 OS X Discussion Discussion for installing and setting up Mac OS X on the Dell Mini and Vostro A90

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Default 09-09-2010, 08:28 AM

Thanks for all the replies so far, everyone! I will update to 10.6.2, and get that mic fixed Without VoodooHDA kext.

I was just wondering if there were any tweaks or performance enhancements that were common or recommended as well.

The laptop is working great right now, but i was wondering if there was a way to make it go faster. Sometimes it just seems slow in responsiveness, which is most especially noted when i start typing and it wont show up for a second or so. this doesnt always happen, but it does happen regularly.

I cant expect perfection, sure. But I do recall it being much snappier while it was running windows 7. Which doesn't matter a whole lot, since I dont have any intentions of switching back. But i thought it was worth mentioning.
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Default 09-10-2010, 06:54 PM

I had a heat issue with 10.6.4 but to be honest it was probably more to do with running CPU intensive applications rather than with the OS version. I'm running 10.6.2 on a 9 with the original 16gb SSD. I don't have need for the mic but there's a fix anyway. Codf4ther's sleep fix works on 10.6.4 but I've stayed with 10.6.2 because the stuff I run seems to work better on that. I guess it's down to personal preference at the end of the day.

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Default 10.6.2 Combo Update? - 11-23-2010, 03:02 AM

Sounds like it is better not to go past 10.6.2. Is it possible to get hold of the 10.6.2 combo update? Only the latest is available from apple.
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Default 11-23-2010, 11:24 AM

Originally Posted by staffordsmith83 View Post
Sounds like it is better not to go past 10.6.2. Is it possible to get hold of the 10.6.2 combo update? Only the latest is available from apple.
Not really, if you're gonna do the work for the "Mic fix" you may as well go all the way to 10.6.5 and be up to date. Just be sure to use the special NBI posted in that official 10.6.4 upgrade thread. I've been kinda against upgrading past 10.6.2 until 10.6.5 came out, now I'm changing my tune but haven't actually done it yet.

Edit: Updated to 10.6.5 and all is well except bluetooth toggle and hibernate. If you want Bluetooth on/off capability stay below 10.6.4 and use the Bluetooth terminal mod.

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