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Default 8GB SDD, CCC not working to boot off SSD, USB works fine help pls? - 07-29-2010, 10:58 PM

Hi guys,

My first post here... really helpful and resourceful forum. Don't think I would have made this far without it.

So far I have a Mini 9 with 2GB RAM and 8GB SSD (having difficulty sourcing one to be imported here). I have installed it on the 80GB USB first as advised, and trimmed and the size is now small at 6.3GB with MS office installed.

I have used Carbon clone copier 3.3.3 and although it copies well, and I have run NBI after designated to that drive, it fails to boot at all, and after BIOS screen it shows '-' which just blinks forever. I have not disabled sleep/hibernation function as I do need it as much as I can. And the size is still reasonable. Does sleep need to be disabled to boot at all and clone to the new drive? (I didn't think so...)

I have tried carbon copy cloner as well as disk utility restore function, and still gives me same results.

Wish I had bigger drive then I would be up and running straight away...
from USB boot from the disc, apart from the microphone (I find the instruction a little too technical for me at the moment) everything seems to work well...

I tried to install straight into SSD with 'customising', but still too small to be installed. Any help would be highly appreciated it. By the way I am using 10.6.4 with all latest updates and is working well from USB, and not able to boot from SSD.

Thanks in advance.
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Default 07-30-2010, 02:41 PM

Is the internal ssd enabled for booting in the BIOS? Power up and hold the "2" key while the dell logo is shown, then navigate to the "Boot" tab and make sure that no "!" is written in front of "Hard Drive". (Also, if the hard drive is top of the list, you tell the mini to search for bootstuff there first -- slightly faster boot time.)

As for hibernation, it should be disabled (if no recent improvement escaped has me).
Sleep should work OK if "USB BIOS Legacy Support" (under the "Advanced" tab) is disabled. Possibly the USB Wake Support needs to be disabled as well, not sure here.

Just to make sure:
Hibernation: the RAM content is written to disk, grabbing 2GB of space. Thus it survives a total power out. This does currently not work on a hackintosh m9. And with a non-TRIM SSD I would not recommend it if it would.
Sleep: RAM content is held in RAM while the rest of the machine is powered off. Consumes very little power, but if all power sources are down the RAM content is lost.
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Default 08-02-2010, 09:52 AM

Thanks grassle,

as per my post, this issue has been sorted out.
thanks for the explanation about the sleep vs. hibernation.
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