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Smile 77Wh battery, Bios A00, 10.6.3 - 04-27-2010, 05:33 PM

Okay, I know the subject of these Chinese batteries and the fact that they don't charge correctly above BIOS A00 is an old subject.

I am running 10.6.3. I know too it has been said that OSX won't run properly on BIOS A00.

Well, I bought one of these batteries off eBay for £33. Sure enough, on my BIOS A04, disco lights went off, refusal to charge unless you start up with the mains charger plugged in....etc. So I made up one of the little USB flashers and flashed my BIOS back to A00 and started up my Mini.

Guess what? So far I see no problems at all in running 10.6.3 with this Bios and there are no more disco lights flashing and I can plug my charger in and out whenever I want.

Sleep works, wake from sleep works everything that worked before I flashed down to A00 still seems to work the same.

The only thing that does not work properly is the reporting of the amount of "time" left on the battery. It is reporting a maximum of 2 hours, when the battery is good (I hope) for a minimum of 5 hours. That's easy though as I just turn the time indicator over to percentage.....

I shall report back of course on how things go from now on, but my theory is this. DSDT is linked incredibly closely to BIOS and the bootloader we use patches certain functions. In fact, it is possible to create custom BIOS arrangements by making your changes to DSDT and flashing them into the my theory is that because my DSDT comes from BIOS A04, and includes all the patches that make Snow Leopard run correctly, by retaining this DSDT and loading it at boot time I am getting the best of both worlds - a cheap long life battery and full Snow Leopard.

What I will have to be careful of though is that netbookinstaller will next time there is a major update try to patch a DSDT that it fetches from an A00 BIOS, so I will keep a bootable USB handy ready to swap back in my good DSDT in case of emergency......

So please enlighten me if you think Snow Leopard should not work correctly on an old A00 Bios, because right now I am feeling pretty good about it!

Okay - so there is a sleep issue on this BIOS A00. Seems to work fine sleeping with the battery, but not when plugged in to the mains adapter. That looks like the only significant issue and one I am prepared to live with by disabling sleep when on the power adapter.

Battery life is good. I have not run the new battery down to zero, as I don't want to risk that, but so far it has done 5 hour stints (with sleep disabled to test) without problem with an indicated 15% left.

Also fitted my Kingspec SSD 16GB today and set up dual boot OSX/Ubuntu netbook remix. The Kingspec is cheap and "okay" but definitely it is not a performance boost. Not noticeably different to the STEC it came with, but the Geekbench scores are a little lower. If you want really fast, I guess you pay more and go for the Runcore.

Mini 9, 64GB Runcore, 2GB RAM, Triple boot OSX 10.6.3, XP, Ubuntu Netbook Edition (via Wubi) 3G w. A-GPS. BIOS A00, big Chinese battery.
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