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Default 10.6.2 wont boot after update - 02-14-2010, 07:51 PM

This may sound like a common problem but I've looked around here and can't seem to find a solution.

I am trying to get snow leopard installed on my mini9 with the A04 bios. I get through everything and get into a working desktop with everything working except for sound. I then try to continue with the guide (I used the cd method) and install the boot loader with NBI and then update to 10.6.2 which completes successfully whether I use software update or the combo update. When I reboot, though, I get a gray screen of death after the apple logo disappears. I dont think its a problem with the boot loader itself, as It does get to the boot process and happens the same if I use the cd's boot loader or on the SSD.

Not sure what other information would be relevant, this is my first experience with hackintoshing. I tried over and over to try to follow the instructions to the T and almost got it to work, but can't seem to
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Default 02-14-2010, 08:00 PM

Key think is to run NBI 0.8.2 Final before you update to 10.6.2 and again after you update -- and before you to the restart.

Given where you are, try booting from the CD (which I assume has 10.6.0 on it) and then run NBI from from the CD. Then re-boot from the SSD.


Netbook: Mini 10v, BIOS A05, OS X 10.6.4, 2 GB RAM, 160 GB HDD, BT
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Default 02-14-2010, 10:37 PM

Yeah I had that Idea last time to run it after update before I rebooted again, but I still got that gray screen of death after the apple logo. Same thing happens if I try to boot off of the NBI cd. Thanks for the help.

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I tried updating to bios A06 and its still doing it, although I guess I will try starting from scratch with the new bios.

The way I updated was slightly odd, though. I didn't have too many easy options for updating it, so I figured the easiest would be to to swap ssd's with my wife's mini9 which is nearly identical to mine running windows7. Boot into windows worked great and just used the windows updater from dell. not bad.

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Ok, so it doesn't appear to be realted to the update. I tried the fresh install with just installing NBI on first boot. Still wouldn't boot with the internal drive, and wont boot with the cd either. Same thing always happens- apple log with a spining progress bar and then just a blank gray screen hanging. It seems like its just an issue with booting for the second time maybe? am I overlooking something?
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Default 02-18-2010, 01:10 AM

Bump.... anyone have any ideas? I'm really stumped here.
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Default 02-18-2010, 01:47 AM

Originally Posted by aeiou View Post
Bump.... anyone have any ideas? I'm really stumped here.
Some possible situations:

1) Is your Mini New?? Have your Partitioned your HD? one partition??
If you have installed OS X without repartition your HD, your Mini will never boot. Out of the box, your Hd has 2 partitions, 1) Diagnostic and 2) Windows or Ubantu. Only 1 partition should be present. If this is your case, you should start from scratch.

2) you had a different version of OS X and it was installed with Boot123 method. or problem with bootloader.
Boot your mini9 and, after the Dell Logo and before the blue bar disappears, press the CTRL key. Type "-x" without quotation. you should see something like this "boot: -x" at the lower left corner of your screen. and press enter. This will/should boot your mini in "safe" mode. It will take a while to load. (*)When/if your mini is up and running, open applications folder and execute NBI (NetBootInstaller).
Make sure that you select Target: your HD, Chamaleon bootloader, Extentions, DSTS and show Extra. Once it is done reboot mini and cross your finger. If your mini is running repeat the process from here (*)

Hope this help


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2x Mini 9 - Obsidian Black - 2 GB RAM - 16 GB STEC SSD - OS X.6.5 - NBI 0.8.4RC2 (??)
1x Mini 10v - Obsidian Black - 2Gb RAM - 160gb hdd - A06 OS X.6.6 - NBI 0.8.5pre - Everything enabled
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Default 02-18-2010, 02:54 AM

Thanks for the ideas!

1- It is partitioned properly as per the instructions in the link I gave. only one partition- the one I set up there. It isn't the original ssd, so it definately isn't partitioned the way dell had it

2- Good idea. Tried it though with the same results though . got to the bootloader screen that allowed me to select the drive and enter in boot instructions. entered -x and it accepted it. apple screen came up with a gray progress bar, finnished and hung for a while and then just a gray screen of death. nothing more.

Do you think it could be possible it doesn't like my after market ssd? that would seem odd to me but stranger things have happened. I believe it is a super-talent 32GB ssd.

Thanks for your help... I have all but given up unfortunately. If anyone has ideas I might try them, but I think I'm going to install ubuntu NR to have something to work with.
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