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Default terminal spinning wheel on startup - 11-30-2009, 09:12 AM

I apologize if I missed a thread devoted to this topic.

The screen of my daughter's hackintoshed Mini 8 has a thick jagged arrow like structure coming down at a 45 degree angle from the top left corner of the screen. This happened after (I do not know how much after) my daughter dropped the netbook and, while I am not exactly certain, I do think that it caused the problem. I am going to try and replace the screen in the near future.

A couple of days after the arrow-like structure arrived, the computer would not boot. It would get all of the way to the spinning wheel on the login screen at which point it would hang. None of the various boot options availed.

I have looked at the spinning wheel related posts but could not figure out what to do. I would like to avoid a clean install before getting the data off her hard disk. The mac os x installation was 10.5.7 using Drew's method 1 and DellEFI version and it was up and running for six months with no glitches.

What should I do next?
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Default 11-30-2009, 10:23 AM

What I would do in this situation would be to boot up (or try to boot up) from a USB stick. This would let me see whether the problem is with the hardware or the OSX installation.

I guess my first approach would be to use an OSX installation disk stored on a USB stick and try to boot from that. If that was successful, then I know the hardware's okay and I've got a couple of tools (like Disk Utility and Terminal) that lets me take a look around the hard drive and see if there's an obvious problem.

If that fails, I'd try to boot up from Ubuntu on a USB stick. That would let me see if it is something OS-specific or something generic.

Actually, taking a few steps back, I'm assuming that you have no other hardware connected (e.g. an SD card in the SD slot) that might cause a problem.

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