Dell Mini 9 OS X Discussion Discussion for installing and setting up Mac OS X on the Dell Mini and Vostro A90

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Default 10-03-2009, 05:10 PM

This same problem has been driving me nuts. I got the Can't Find mach_kernel.10.5.6 error on two separate installs using .8.2 final. Since I want to install leopard and not snow leopard, should I try the .8.3 testing release or is there and older .8.1 release I should use?

I too am using an older (I think 10.5.4) retail install DVD.
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Default 10-03-2009, 06:22 PM

This happened to me on my 10v after some upgrade.

So what I did was this:

1) booted Mini...and when you get to the grey screen, hit escape
2) type mach_kernel, which will appear at the left bottom corner like when you boot -x for single user mode.
3) your mini should boot up all the way
4) once it does, open the Terminal application
5) type the following: cd /Extra 5a)hit Enter
6) type the following: ls 6a)hit Enter

This should give you a list of files of which you will see:

7) if you know how to use vi, then edit the above file; BUT if you do not know how to use vi, you can use pico, type: pico 7a) hit Enter

8) using your arrow keys, move your cursor down to the 8th line that looks like:


Delete the .10.5.6 so you are left with the following line:


9) to save what you just edited, make sure you press the follow control codes in this order: ctrl-o then ctrl-x

This should save the file you just edited.

IF YOU THINK YOU MESSED UP EDITING BEFORE SAVING, then hit the following sequence: ESC then ctrl-x. Repeat the steps starting at STEP 5.

10) verify the change was made by typing the following:
more 10a) hit Enter

Look it over and make sure the mach_kernel line is clean without the numbers.

11) type the following control sequence: ctrl-c
12) exit out of terminal and reboot OSX

This worked for me. I only have OSX installed on my Dell Mini 10V
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