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Default Touch Screen Mod Under way - 11-16-2008, 06:03 PM

I've read that a few of you might be considering adding a touch panel to your Mini 9. Wanted to drop in and say that I ordered one of the "fido" touch panels mentioned in the EEEPc forums here:

I read there that lots of folks had/have problems with the panels cracking. When I received mine I used as much caution as possible, but my excitement apparently got the best of me. No less than 5 cracks. But I've learned from it, and as soon as I get my replacement in, hopefully I'll have some photos of the whole process.

For those already working on it, post some updates/tips/info. Here's my short list so far:

- Don't use thick double-sided tape, or any tape that's extremely adhesive or dries well over time. Just tacky enough to stay put is perfect, and you want it as flush with the lcd as possible, so it can't flex much when you touch it.
- The webcam-usb port trick works perfectly with the Mini 9 as well, and doesn't require cutting out the microphone wires since the microphone is in the base of the Mini 9. When you pull the webcam connector through to the bottom of the screen, make sure you bring it through to the base on the same side you're going to mount the hub board, otherwise it won't reach the connector on the board.
- If you do need to remove the panel from the LCD to readjust there is ONLY ONE WAY TO DO IT WITHOUT BREAKING YOUR PANEL: slide something flat and thin (a credit card works) flat between the panel and the LCD, slowly, all the way around the perimeter until all adhesive is dislodged and carefully lift the panel away from the LCD with all sides at once. Even the slightest bit of tension on one section of the panel will cause it to crack.

Some questions I haven't yet answered for myself:
- Best place inside to mount the USB hub and the touch screen controller.
- Best navigation (turn by turn), maps, and front-end software to use when in the car
- Best way to mount in the car for stability and ease of removal

I've also added a 3g/GPS card to mine, since it already had a populated WWAN/PCIe connector. Works great.
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Default Re: Touch Screen Mod Under way - 11-16-2008, 06:56 PM

Sounds like a really cool mod
make sure you take pictures when you get your next touch screen

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Default Re: Touch Screen Mod Under way - 12-15-2008, 12:25 PM

Hey nice attempt(s). I also want the solderless touch-screen kit. I asked the Fidohub guy if their eee kit is compatible with the mini. They replied that they will let me know after testing. Its been almost a month but still no news. Could you let me know if the usb plug of this kit fits into the web cam connector? Other things should be okay then.


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Default Re: Touch Screen Mod Under way - 12-22-2008, 07:11 AM

How is the performance?

Somebody used a screen from toptouchscreen and mentioned that the lag was pretty bad.

Photos of the installation would be awesome. A video of it in use would be even bette.r

Was it worthwhile?
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