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Default 05-26-2009, 08:54 PM

Originally Posted by holmes4 View Post
I would say 16GB is too small to comfortably dual-boot.
It certainly is a squeeze. I've my mini since November, partitioned roughly 4.4GB/9.2GB/800MB for Windows XP/OSx86/PuppyLinux. Streamlining your windows install with something like nlite is a must, to get it under 2 gig installed. Surprisingly, OSX was the bloated one, needing more than 8 gig before I could even install it, although you can trim out a bit later with programs designed to strip universal binary and extra language cruft. PuppyLinux barely needs any space, it's mostly a swap-space partition for me and just because I can (mere dual-booting is for wimps, .

My 16 gig SDHC is a lifesaver, and also the best place for all my pictures, music, and documents across all the operating systems. Although I've been staring at that RunCore banner add, and might just upgrade to 32 gig, since I have to flatten and reinstall windows and update to OSX10.5.7 anyway. Maybe I'll throw on a fourth OS just for fun too

So, in short, 16 gig is possible for dual booting, but give OSX more than half the space and get an SDHC for storing documents etc, or just go for a bigger drive.
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Default 05-27-2009, 05:55 PM

Done and done, I've ordered a 64GB specced Mini 9 from Dell that should be here soon.

Is there a clear, beginner friendly tutorial for partioning the HD and dual booting XP and OS X in this place? I've looked through the FAQs and How To's forum but each different technique mentions other posts, points and acronyms (eg. Configure SSD for MBR before everything goes FUBAR).

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