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Default WAN Card Slot & 3G - 04-27-2009, 03:41 PM

I am in the process of trying to determine if I should buy a new Vostro A90, a new Mini 9, or an outlet Mini 9. Price and features will determine the decision I make. If I can get everything sorted out I intend to order it today.

With respect to price, once I get the Machine in the final configuration I need/want, the price will not vary more than $35.00 between the three options above (at least according to my spread sheet). Therefore, the main deciding factor will be the available features. I want to eventually be able to have 3G capability but right now I am somewhat confused about what I need to do this.

Every outlet Mini 9 I checked states "No WAN card Slot". Does this mean a WAN card slot is only available on the Vostro A90?

Is it correct to assume I need a WAN card slot if I want 3G?

It seems reasonable that a "WAN card slot" means I can simply insert a card (like a pcmcia card) but I have seen pictures that make me believe this is an internal location (an empty location marked "WWAN" on the circuit board under the bottom cover). This seems to imply the 3G card mounts internally.

Does the A90 and/or Vostro come from the factory with a 3G antenna installed internally?

I would certainly appreciate help as I really do not understand what I will need. The outlet Mini 9s are appealing but their good prices are negated if the "WAN card slot" is something that will be needed later.
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Default Re: WAN Card Slot & 3G - 04-27-2009, 04:28 PM

I managed, with some difficulty, to get some of my questions answered from Dell.

The "WAN Card Slot" comes standard on both the A90 and Mini 9. I have this in writing via an on line chat sesssion. I do not know how this explains the fact that every Mini 9 listed via the outlet states "NO WAN card slot", unless this is a recent production change.

She also said it is needed for 3G and it is an external slot, not internal.


What then is the empty space for under the bottom cover marked "WWAN"?
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Default Re: WAN Card Slot & 3G - 04-27-2009, 04:30 PM

There are two configurations. Those with a WWAN Card Slot have a MiniPCIe connector on the motherboard, a SIM slot and a third antenna. Those without a WWAN slot have none of these. If it says "No WWAN" then you cannot add one without acquiring the missing hardware and installing it (requires tricky soldering but can be done.)

If you want to use WWAN as an internal card, then you need to order one with the WWAN option. Dell sells this (in the US) only with an AT&T card.

The Dell rep was confused. It is not an external slot.

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