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Default Re: Mini as desktop? - 11-07-2008, 05:43 PM

Originally Posted by ForumName500
Plugging + unplugging is a modest nuisance, maybe only worth doing if you're going to use it in the same place 90% of the time and only carry it around occasionally (essentiall defeating the purpose).
I've been doing this with another laptop for many years and it's really not much of a nuisance. Two cables really (VGA and USB hub) and both are on the desk (as opposed to behind the desk or obstructed, etc.).

I think it really depends on your usage scenarios. I like having the full monitor if I'm around it. Otherwise, undock to go to a meeting, coffee shop, or couch.

I'll also use it for my bus commute: 45 mins. each way = 1.5 hours/day = 7.5 hours/week = 1 extra day/week of additional productivity. Wished I commuted more often :lol: Anyway, useful for catching up on reading, offline email, and other light stuff.

It's cloudy or raining much of the time here so I'm hoping there won't be much glare
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Default Re: Mini as desktop? - 02-10-2009, 09:43 PM

It goes back and forth to work with me. I like that it does not take up much room in my briefcase or on my desk. I use an SD card for the Windows "My Documents" folder, and a 4 GB USB drive for other things.

"Germanium" Jack
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Default Re: Mini as desktop? - 02-11-2009, 05:30 PM

I have os x installed on mine and here is what I do. I hook it up to my 46 inch tv and use a blue tooth mouse and keyboard. I have the sound going through the tv as well. Works like a champ, runs ms office well and I also use it to stream dvd's and other media to the tv. I also use it to remotely log into my imac and could not be happier with its performance. When I need to take it on the go I simply need to unplug three cables and its ready to go.
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Default Re: Mini as desktop? - 02-11-2009, 06:37 PM

I had been using a Sony TZ130 (subnotebook) as my work machine. I would haul it to and from work, then plug into a docking station to have a large monitor and external keyboard when I was at my desk. The TZ has some power problem and would not turn on, leading me to think about the Dell Mini 9. Yes, I'll see about getting the TZ fixed some day.

I started this week with my newly acquired Mini 9, outfitted with 2Gb RAM and the RunCore 64GB drive. I've been running Ubuntu 8.04 on all my systems, and did a fresh install in the Mini. So far, I can't tell that I am not on the TZ or some more expensive computer. OpenOffice, Evolution, Firefox, system utilities all work well and performance is brisk. The Dell even does better with an external monitor than the TZ. At the end of the day, I carry it home in my briefcase. Sure, I have to plug and unplug USB and video, but that is just part of my morning and evening routine.

The real performance test should come next week when I install VMWare server and run an XP VM. That was always a bit sluggish on the Sony, and I would be surprised if the Mini did not bog down a bit. Still, I only use that on rare occasions when I need Access or MS Project.

My original hope, that I could use a Dell Mini for my work machine, has been confirmed. And for such a cheap price, too!

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Default Re: Mini as desktop? - 02-12-2009, 12:38 AM

Seems to me like a okay idea. The only problem is if you do a lot of processor intensive stuff, photoshop, or visual studio you are out of luck. Wouldn't be a bad linux machine for some of the network admins, takes up no space, easy to plug into a switch(assuming cat5 not serial) and takes up no room on the desk. Anyone expirence overheating with the lid closed yet?
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