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Default internal wifi amp - 03-29-2009, 11:27 AM

my mini came with the mpcie connecter. you cant use a secondary ssd via the wwan or wlan port. the best thing i cold think of for that would be the to take a runcore ssd and connect it via usb.

but what i want to do is rig up a wifi amplifier to work via the wwan port. it would be nice if i could find a chip that would run off 3.3v but i found a mod that runs off of 5v which i can get from the touchpad or scratch some varnish off my main board and there is 5v available.
is a review of his mod its pretty interesting, but i want to disasemble the amp and solder it up to work internally with the native antennas and be totally internal
is another interesting amplifier although i think it may not be the best option because it uses 12v and a step up like that would generate heat and kill my battery faster.

im thinking about jumpering straight from the factory wifi card then to the new amp with the aux antenna port then using one of the remaining antenna out from the amp. then i could use the os the disable the wwan port to conserve power when im not on wifi.

from the looks of it it may just be easier to disassemble the amp and desolder the factory connectors and solder proper connectors that match the existing hardware. then hard wire straight to the touchpad or something for 5v and install a small toggle switch or something thats not an eyesore. and abandon the mpcie idea.

can the touchpad or main 5v channel on the main board produce a sustainable 5v and 500mA ? i see that turbotenna has a 1000mw amp on ebay and that is the power requirement

another option i was thinking of was to try and find a high output mpcie wifi card that is osx and linux friendly. and either use the stock antennas or maybe add an external antenna like on a access point by drilling a small hole in the side of my mini for the antenna connector. and then simply screwing the external antenna on.

what do you guys think. im just kinda brainstorming on getting some good wifi with out having an eyesore.
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Default Re: internal wifi amp - 03-29-2009, 07:05 PM

is a good idea but is waaaaaay hard to do it, to much solding nad hacking, messing with the vga port. a better way is your last idea, improving reception with a external antenna

sory me no spiko english
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Default Re: internal wifi amp - 03-29-2009, 09:35 PM

yeah i wouldent do the external like that. mine would be all internal and use proper shielded microwave coax and connectors. although i dont think it would look too bad, i dont really want to take a drill to the side of my mini but its not out of the question.

im thinking strip all the enclosure from that little amp. switch out connectors. run leads to the 5v channel with a switching system. use the current wifi card and antennas, and dont even use the wwan port. unless i can find a usb model with a builtin amp that a could jumper to a breadboard made to fit the wwan port and use the usb through the mpcie channel.

i want to do something decent and cheap. i just dont think i will get the kind of results i want by simply adding a 7db gain antenna to the side. i want like 30db gain. i figure if i get a 1000mw amp small enough and use the little antennas inside and the stock low output card i should be close to the max legal total power output.

im thinking the best thing would be to find a high output mpcie wifi card and use the existing antennas if i can find one thats good with osx. 750mw would be ok 500mw would probibly be ok too. i just want some power to reach out and get some long range wifi.
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