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Default Re: Dell Mini9 Keyboard Rearrangement Thread - 11-20-2008, 12:46 AM

Originally Posted by dhalbert
I am annoyed that the UK layout is quite a bit more sensible (at the expense of slightly narrower keys, so probably swapping as you wish is not an option). I'm not sure why they felt they needed an odd layout in the US. Here's a comparison pic I posted on another thread earlier:
OK, I'm back here because I'm at my wit's end with the stupid location of the apostrophe on the Mini.

I want a UK keyboard. I just got off the phone with Dell parts (US) and they couldn't find a part number for the UK English keyboard.

Can anyone in the UK get a P/N and a price?
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Default Re: Dell Mini9 Keyboard Rearrangement Thread - 12-21-2008, 06:35 PM

Maybe I'm nuts but I'm having trouble. I just swapped the ' key with the ; key (and vice versa) and I'm very happy with the new setup. The ' key is now in a much more natural position for me. I ended up breaking the white "scissor" piece under one of the keys, but it still works ok. My issue now is that I used SharpKeys and I now have no way of using F10 anymore. It doesn't work when I hit Fn-' or when I try Fn-;

Any ideas?

And BTW, there is a new version of SharpKeys available.

Mini 9 - nLite'd Windows XP - 2GB Crucial RAM - 32GB RunCore HD - Built in Bluetooth & Webcam
Internal Sprint Mobile Broadband Card in the WWAN slot.
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Default Re: Dell Mini9 Keyboard Rearrangement Thread - 03-28-2009, 05:30 PM

I'm a user of the Colemak keyboard layout so I decided to remap the keyboard of my Mini 12:

For the curious, Colemak is a fast, ergonomic keyboard layout, a bit similar to Dvorak, but more modern, does away with some of Dvorak's known design problems, and maintains more similarity to Qwerty so is easy to learn (and switch).

By the way, since the comma/stop/slash keys are smaller on the Mini 12, remapping to Dvorak is impossible, while Colemak is no problem (the semicolon key is full size). :-)
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Default 08-01-2009, 04:10 AM

Great post rabidrat and nice tip yorgle. Your information did it for me. I got the ; and ' swapped. I'm good with the rest of the keyboard. Even the right hand shift. It's about where my finger wants to go when shifting anyway.

The trick is the release is on the side of the key cap toward the bottom. It's like there are two little clips where the x's on rabidrat's diagram are. The side of the key toward the top of the keyboard has little brackets that the key slides into place. They will break if you pry there. What yorgle said about the jewelers screwdriver is the ticket, or something small like that. Not a knife point, that could do damage. You place it right between the X's, between the black key cap and the white plastic and twist. If you twist slowly, the key cap will pop off.

To put them back on, just slide the cap on at the top, and push the key down like you are typing the key slowly and firmly. The key cap will snap back into place.

Again, Thanks people.
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Default Turn Capslock Into Apostrophe on Ubuntu Lucid - 10-01-2010, 05:00 PM

Like everyone else, the killer problem with the M9 was the apostrophe key. After looking at the various remapping solutions, I decided to try turning the Capslock key into Apostrophe. First, I never use capslock, so no loss. Second, it's the "mirror" of the normal position, so I guessed it might be fairly easy to relearn.

Not simple to set up, though. Never did figure out a way to do it under OS X (which I didn't much like anyway). Windows ran poorly, but stock Ubuntu Lucid is very good. So, how to do it?

First, go to System > Preferences > Keyboard and open the Layouts tab. Click the Options... button and scroll down to Capslock Key Behavior. Expand the triangle and choose the "Capslock is disabled" radio button.

Okay, that's the easy half. All that does is turn the lock half of capslock off. Now to set the key to apostrophe.

At least on my setup, this turns out to be tricky. Something is going on in the upstart/Xorg mess that disallows xmodmap settings for capslock if you try to do them at the time X starts. My workaround is a little script:

sleep 4
xmodmap -e "keycode 66 = apostrophe quotedbl"
The trick is the sleep 4, which retards execution until Lucid is finished with whatever it's doing. Put it wherever (~/bin is normal), make sure it's executable (chmod 755 yourscriptname) and then run it from System > Preferences > Startup Applications. Just about the time you would start typing, your capslock will be apostrophe.

It's a little weird at first, but I was surprised how quickly I caught on.
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